Obesity..the top health threat in USA

Obesity Is Top Health Threat in U.S., CDC Says
By Maggie Fox, Reuters

WASHINGTON (Oct. 28) - Obesity is the No. 1 health threat
in the United States today, the head of the leading U.S.
federal health agency said on Tuesday.

While much of her time is spent preparing to fight anthrax,
smallpox, and biological threats, and diseases like SARS
and West Nile virus, Centers for Disease, Control and
Prevention Director Dr. Julie Gerberding, said Americans
are much more likely to die from cancer, heart disease, and
diabetes caused by smoking, eating too much and exercising
too little.

''Unfortunately, poor diet and a lack of exercise have
almost caught up with tobacco as being the leading cause of
death in the United States,'' Gerberding told a meeting of
the National Health Council, which groups companies and
non-profit health advocacy organizations.

She cited statistics that show 65 percent of U.S. adults
are either overweight or obese. In 2000, 38.8 million
American adults were classified as obese, meaning their
health is seriously at risk.

''In three states, 25 percent of adults are obese -- not
overweight but obese,'' Gerberding said. The three states
are Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia. ''It is a
catastrophe in our country.''

She showed a graph of the leading causes of death in the
United States. Heart disease is first, followed by cancer,
stroke, lung disease and accidents.

Obesity is a leading cause of the first three and, she
said, bioterrorism is nowhere to be seen among the top 10
causes of death.

The government is working and will do more to encourage
better eating and exercise habits, said Gerberding. ''We
really have to change our behavior in astonishing ways if
we are going to get over this bottleneck to good health,''
she said.

At CDC, Gerberding has said one of her first acts as
director was to open stairwells. Putting in carpeting,
music and allowing employees to hang children's art has
made it more appealing to use them, she said ''along with
turning off some of the elevators.''

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