Growing Healthy Kids

Making a Difference In the Future Of Our Families

More U.S. children age 3 – 14 die of cancer than any other

U.S. leads the world in Juvenile diabetes

70% of U.S. children have elevated cholesterol

In 1996 there were more than 1 million American children on
a daily dose of Ritalin (Newsweek, March 18, 1996)

Asthma deaths in children ages 5 to 15 more than doubled
in the past decade.

As many as 1 in every 3 pregnancies now ends in
miscarriage. (Newsweek, Aug. 15 1988)

Childhood obesity has risen more than 54% since the mid
1960’s (Dr. W.H. Dietz, Tufts University School of

75% of teen’s diets do not meet even the minimum daily

99% or Americans are deficient in some critical minerals.

At every socio-economic level, more than 50% are
malnourished. (USDA Joint Task Force, mid 1980’s)

Does your child have any of these symptoms???
Sick a lot
Hard to wake up
Poor attention span
Can’t focus
Poor school performance
Dark circles under the eyes
Recurrent ear infections
Frequent colds
Stomach aches
Bed wetting

Dr. Linus Pauling concluded that it is possible to
dramatically increase the health, and even the amount of
years a child will live.
What children are exposed to Environmentally And

Everything that comes in contact with their skin...will
eventually (and in many cases immediately) end up in the
child’s blood stream.
This is true for adults too!

Toxic chemicals enter the brain(confusion, lack of focus,
poor memory, headaches, depression, etc.)

Toxic chemicals enter the liver and other organs
(can set the stage for cancer, allergies, poor immune
system, miscarriage, reproductive problems. Etc.)

Today’s kids are exposed to more toxins than ever before in
Cleaning chemicals in the home; out-gassing from carpet
glue, furniture, synthetic clothing, thousands of chemicals
Poor water quality a problem in every state in the U.S..
Water is treated with Flouride and Chlorine. Both are
carcinogens and poisons.
Convenience foods; chemical vitamins, (like Flintstones)

The Air In Our Homes
Is Considered To Be One Of The “Top 5 Health Concerns”

According To The EPA.

There are poisons in the air in your home;
Dangerous Household & Personal Care Products
In industry, workers are required to wear special gloves,
goggles and even respirators when using some of the exact
same products found in just about every home. We use these
same chemicals at home with little or not protection or

Many poisonings happen slowly by gradual skin absorption
and by daily exposure to toxins in the air in the home.
(Nancy S. Green, “Stop Poisoning Our Children”, The Noble
Press, 1991)

Poisons from carpet, furniture, plastics, dry cleaning,
A baby crawling on the floor breathes the toxin equivalent
of 4 cigarettes a day from molds, mildew, fungi, outgasing
of carpets, dust mites, etc.
(Scientific American)

Why is our water such a concern?
Every year at least 255 metric tons of hazardous chemical
wastes are dumped into our nation’s environment. These
toxic substances find their way to the water table.
Many cancer causing chemicals are added to our drinking
water to “clean it up”.
Chlorine is a special problem.
“Research indicates the incidence of cancer is 44% higher
among those who use chlorinated water.”
Dr. Robert Harris, environmental scientist, White House
Advisory Council, 1980.

“There is an increased evidence for an association between
rectal, colon and bladder cancer and chlorinated drinking
water.” President’s Council on environmental Quality, Dec.

In addition to drinking pure water, make sure your child
gets enough water!
75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue, and may
be the cause of joint and back pain in adults.

Even mild dehydration can trigger fuzzy short term memory,
or trouble focusing.

Drinking adequate water daily (your body weight divided by
2 in ounces. 100# person would need 50 ounces daily)
decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%; breast cancer by
79%, and bladder cancer by 50%.

Pure water flushes poisons out of our system. It’s the
natural answer for thirst.
Carbonated Beverages-Cause critically needed calcium to be
removed from the body.

Did you know what else “Coke” can be used for?
*To clean corrosion from car battery terminals
*To remove rust spots from chrome bumpers
*To loosen a rusted bolt (apply a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola
to the rusted bolt for several minutes)
Did you know that:
-Coke will dissolve a nail in about 4 days
-To carry Coca-Cola syrup concentrate the commercial truck
must use the Hazardous material cards reserved for Highly
Corrosive Materials.

Today’s Food

Food today isn’t always real food. There are hundreds of
chemicals in food (we eat stuff we can’t even pronounce)

Lots of soils can’t grow healthy food any more.(we’ve used
too many chemicals and mis-managed our soil for too many

WAY too much sugar in our diets…. (ooops)
(per serving…)
-10 teaspoons in Raisin Bran
-11 teaspoons in strawberry yogurt
-3 teaspoons in tomato soup
-8 teaspoons in Hi C
The primary ingredient in Flintstone’s is sugar.
Some Catsups and Peanut Butters are 25% Sugar.
(Now you know why Your Kids like them so much)
A kid can easily be eating 2 pounds of sugar every week.
(without ever taking the lid off the sugar bowl)

Some “Sugar Facts”
-It depletes the immune system
(12 tsp. Of sugar will decrease the immune system’s ability
to destroy bacteria by 60%. Start with a breakfast of
sugary cereal, a pop tart, and the immune system is already
operating below optimum.)

-It depletes the nervous system. Critical vitamins and
minerals that are needed for the nervous system are used up
as sugar is being processed by the body.

-It increases cholesterol. Raised insulin levels cause
LDLs (the bad guys”) to remain highly active, and keep the
“good guys” HDL from being used.

-It makes children “Hyper” Insulin levels rise, then
drop.(*A drug like effect similar to using “uppers” and

Our diet choices are often due to the fact that most of us
are in a HURRY!
-Both parents working outside the home
-Not enough time to shop for fresh veggies…no time to cook.
-Kids have soccer practice, piano lessons…..
-Bills to PAY.. people to see…places to GO!!!!

What’s a family to do??????

Some suggestions:

Have a family “talk”
Decide on what’s most important
Make small changes
Build on your successes

Delegate jobs;
Kids can help with laundry!
Kids can help with the menu planning and grocery shopping.
Pray Together
Have fun together

Do your best to create a home that is filled with

Immediately STOP using toxic chemicals in your home!!

Of the – more than – 17,000 chemicals that appear in common
household products, only 30% of them have been adequately
tested for negative effects on our health.

The FDA cannot review or approve of personal care product
ingredients before they are sold to the public.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has linked over 150
Household chemicals to:
Birth defects
Psychological abnormalities

Some more suggestions:
Continue to educate yourself and tell others….

There are healthy solutions to the problems that today'’
families face…
Look for:
-An Air Purification System that will purify the air in
your home, effectively reducing molds, bacteria, gases,
sub-micron particulates (that conventional filtration
cannot remove)

-A Water Purification System that will remove chlorine,
flouride and other harmful substances and give you family
delicious tasting water. Look for a Reverse Osmosis System
to effectively reduce flouride.
Look for

-Healthy and Effective Personal Care Products that have
been proven to never harm a living cell.

-Organic Food Supplements from a company that can prove,
through scientific research that they are absorbed into the
blood stream in the amounts listed on the label.
“Non-Natural” or synthetic “vitamins” won’t feed the brain,
the immune system, or help build healthy cells.
Other suggestions….

-Encourage Good Eating Habits:
Fresh Fruits and Veggies
every single day.

-Daily Exercise!
TV OFF during meals – Eat together at the table.
Make sure your kids get plenty of sleep!!!
(the body grows and heals during sleep)

Routine Bedtime and naps are good for everybody!

Adding Food Supplements makes sense for everyone.
Look for..
-The best quality soy protein you can find:
Organic, water-washed, living enzyme soy protein powder.
Most on the market are alcohol-washed which destroys the
living enzymes.

-Organic food supplements, NOT synthetic, drug store or
health food store type “vitamins”. The cells of the body
must eat FOOD. That’s why a food supplement works so well.
Taking synthetic vitamins are like eating a plastic

-Food supplements that are alive with living enzymes. The
company must have a process that keeps the food enzymes

Check out Shaklee

See why it continues to be the leader in nutritional
science for over 50 years.

-In a class by itself; sets the standards for the industry;
the leader in technology.
-Products undergo as many as 262 separate quality assurance
-Clinical research conducted on humans: rigorous testing
assures safe and effective products. No animal testing
-The Shaklee Guarantee.

Shaklee Nutritional Science makes the best Soy Protein, and
“bio-available” food supplements.
(“Bio-available” means they are absorbed into the blood
stream for use by the cells of the body. Like eating fresh
organic soy, fruits and veggies.)
For Energy and a healthy immune system; for everyone over
12Shaklee Basics plus Energizingor “Soy Mix” Protein.

Kids get
Chewable Vita Lea or Infant & Toddler + Energizing or Soy
Mix Protein or Meal Shakes (an organic milk-based protein)

The Shaklee Difference:
Supplements are more balanced and complete*
Nature’s Plus Love Bites
Twin Labs Animal Friends
Country Life Tall Tree
GNC Solotron Jr.
J & J Sesame Street
Twin Labs Infant Care
Country Life Maxi Baby Care
GNC Super for Infants
Poly Vi Sol with Iron

*Based on the“Safe and Adequate Intake Recommendations for
Children ages 4 – 6” by the Food and Nutrition Board of the
National Research Council.

For extra needs:
Optiflora(for healthy colon and immune system)

“Nutrition Boost for the Brain”
(a program designed specially for kids with “ADD”)

There’s help for allergies, asthma, ear infection, eczema,
colic, flu, infections…

Shaklee is the sparkplug!The power of good nutrition
combined with the body’s ability to heal itself.
In addition to adding Shaklee Supplements

Replace toxic products with Shaklee Healthy Home Products.

Shaklee science gives us many healthy solutions to clean
with, to do laundry, to wash dishes with… Healthy products
to wash your kids and pets with.

Products In Harmony With Nature
The Shaklee Difference:
Products in Harmony With Nature and Good Health – Since
Balanced, Safe and Effective Vitamins and Herbs.
Non-toxic cleaners and laundry products

Non-toxic Personal Care products: (toothpaste with natural
tooth decay preventative Xylitol)

BestWater Water Purification Systems

AirSource 3000 to purify the air in your home.

If all this has made sense to you, you are probably
What do I do next???

You can…..
-Become a Shaklee Member
-Choose a suggested “Starter Pack”
-Order your products
You & your family will begin to have more energy, less
illness, and a greater sense of well being as you
experience the Shaklee Difference!

Special Starter Packages

Free Shipping Plus Discounted Membership With Your First
Member Order(50 UV point minimum)

Healthy Kids Pack #1
Chewable Vita Lea, Optiflora and Energizing Soy or

Healthy Mom, Dad, and Teen Pack:
Shaklee Basics Plus Soy Protein
And Optiflora

Healthy Home Pack
Basic L, Softer Than Soft, Nature Bright, Basic H, Basic G
Look through the Shaklee Product Guide for more great

You will be able to take advantage of individual attention,
seminars, meetings, books, literature, tapes, videos,
etc.All designed to help you and your family achieve your
optimum health goals.

Most people are already using products like the ones that
Shaklee makes.

Household Cleaners, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Vitamins, Diet
Products, Herbal Medicines, Laxatives, Calcium, Deodorant,
Toothpaste, Sports Drinks, Bottled Water, etc….
As we’ve seen, these types of products from the grocery
store, drug store, discount store, etc. contain harmful
chemicals. Ask yourself – are the vitamins you are
presently taking giving you the best value for the money
you are spending? Are you saving money on those products
because they’re concentrated so that you use less to do
more? Does the store where you purchase them give you a
discount or a bonus because you refer your friends to shop

“Changing Brands” makes good sense for you and your family.
It can save you money and put money back into your pocket

“Change Brands”

-Shop with Shaklee
-Use 100 Points per month
-Help others use 100 Points per month.

When you help about 5 families to “Change Brands” your
rebate would be around $115.00 - $150.00

When you help 10 – 20 families to “Change Brands” your
income would be between $300 and $500

In addition:
By working with us to help other families, you will be
richly rewarded as you see children, parents, aunts,
uncles, teens, grandparents leading healthier, happier

If you are interested in joining us in making the world a
better place by sharing the Shaklee “Good News”, Call me at

To healthy families,


Barefoot in the Garden
McAsey Enterprises

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