Facial wrinkles disappear in Minutes

Facial Wrinkles Disappear in Minutes with
Instant Firming Serum

A Safe, Natural Alternative to Expensive and Painful
Chemical Injections for the Face

What is Enfutox? It’s an instant firming serum
Within minutes it diminishes the appearance of wrinkles on
o Forehead
o Between the eyebrows
o Crow’s feet near the eyes
o Expression lines around the mouth
o Droopy eyelids
o Crape neck
o Etc.
With DAILY use, skin appears firmer and smoother
Enfutox reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
up to 87% in just five minutes

It will NOT “freeze” or “alter” normal facial expressions

What’s in Enfutox?
This scientifically advanced nutrient formula helps give
you younger-looking skin AND to slow the signs of aging &
help the skin fight free radical damage, it contains a
triple-patented, antioxidant-rich nutrient formula.

Ingredients include: Dual Protein Technology,Large wheat
based protein molecules for immediate results, Small
protein peptides for long-term results,Triple-patented
Vital Repair+ … a powerful antioxidant complex of seven
nutrients designed to renew skin (exclusive to Shaklee Skin
Care Products)
o Vitamin E
o Vitamin C
o Vitamin A
o Panthenol
o Grapeseed Extract
o Superoxide Dismutase
o Beta Glucan
§ Unique Botanical Complex
o Chamomile
o Ginseng
o Saw Palmetto
o Noni
o Green Tea

How to Use Enfutox
1. Cleanse the skin
2. Use toner/neutralizer … let dry for 1 to 2 minutes
3. APPLY ENFUTOX … let dry for 5 minutes
4. Apply Moisturizer
5. Apply Cosmetics

Experience IMMEDIATE results in only 5 to 10 minutes.

Choose Shaklee’s SIMPLE FOUR STEP Total Anti-Aging Program

BLOCK EVERY FACTOR that causes accelerated aging of the
REVERSE or RETARD the visible signs of aging
FEED and NOURISH the skin by “infusing vitamins” through
the protective layers of skin
FEED and NOURISH the skin by providing excellent internal
Use Anti-Aging TARGET products (for problem areas)

What’s the TRUTH about Anti-Aging?
All over the world, one business that just keeps getting
bigger is the anti-aging industry. Advertising is telling
women to remove unwanted wrinkles, clear away crow’s feet,
regain a more youthful appearance, etc. In an effort to
make the skin look younger, doctors and cosmetologists are
offering several EXTREME measures:
1. Cosmetic Surgery
2. Collagen – liquid made from connective tissue of cows or
pigs injected under the skin
3. Peels – intensive exfoliation treatment using
alpha-droxy acid (AHAs) and glycolic acid, which the FDA
warns against due to the increased risk of skin cancer
4. Microdermabrasion – “sandpaper-like” treatment
5. Laser Treatment
6. Botox – diluted food poisoning injected into the skin
which temporarily paralyses muscles

EXTREME Cosmetic Treatments cannot halt the aging process!
Make choices that are SAFE and RISK-FREE that …
DAILY Nourish, Feed and Protect this Living Tissue!


Be Barefoot
McAsey Enterprises

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