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NEW Minerelles Colors for Women with Darker Skin and NEW
Summer-Inspired Lip Glosses!
NEW Shaklee Product: 60-count Travel-Size Herb-Lax
NEW Shaklee Product: Gallon Size Liquid-L Laundry
Shaklee Product Guide For a Healthy and Happy Summer
Special Report: In-Car Air Pollution May Raise Health Risks

Special Shaklee Offer

New Shaklee Product: Memory Optimizer

Within a properly functioning brain, billions of neurons
(or brain cells) transport and store our memories. However,
as we age, neural connections weaken and memory formation
slows down. More and more people are looking for ways to
keep their memory sharp, and the smart ones are doing
something about it.

Shaklee’s new Memory Optimizer is the “next generation” of
memory-enhancing dietary supplements. Based on the latest
science, Memory Optimizer is formulated to provide dietary
support to improve your memory as well as your ability to

It contains two clinically proven ingredients Bacopa
Monnieri, an herb that improves memory and the ability to
learn new information*. Plus Vinpocetine, an extract of
Vinca minor, also known as the periwinkle plant, which
enhances blood flow, glucose utilization, and increases
oxygen uptake to the brain* Memory Optimizer also includes
Polygala Tenujfolia, an herb traditionally used in China
and Japanese Kampo for brain health.

If you want to improve your memory and ability to learn new
information, plus maintain brain health naturally then
Shaklee’s new Memory Optimizer is for you!

Are you wondering what’s the difference between the new
Memory Optimizer and Shaklee’s current Mental Acuity Plus?
Is Shaklee going to replace Mental Acuity with this new
product? The answer is no as each product works in the body
differently. Mental Acuity Plus provides the nutrients to
maintain a healthy circulatory system and metabolic
equilibrium. It therefore helps improve mental acuity by
improving your circulation—and through that, the blood flow
to the brain. Mental Acuity Plus also contains Ginkgo
Biloba, an herb with powerful antioxidant properties that
can protect blood vessel walls from free radical damage and
it also helps to decrease elevated homocysteine levels for
improved cardio health. Shaklee’s new Memory Optimizer,
directly supports brain health naturally and is formulated
specifically to improve your memory and ability to learn.

Can I take Memory Optimizer and Mental Acuity Plus at the
same time?

Yes, but just note that both products include ingredients
that can have a potential blood-thinning effect. Therefore,
if you have any concerns about this issue, consult a
healthcare professional before taking Mental Acuity Plus
and Memory Optimizer at the same time. Additionally, if you
are pregnant or nursing, or taking blood-thinning
medications, consult a health care professional before
taking Memory Optimizer or any ginkgo product like Mental
Acuity Plus.

For more information on Shaklee’s new Memory Optimizer
and/or to order it online go to:

For more information on Shaklee’s Mental Acuity Plus and/or
to order it online go to:


NEW Minerelles Colors for Women with Darker Skin and NEW
Summer-Inspired Lip Glosses!

Before introducing the new Minerelles colors, we thought
we’d give you an overview of Shaklee’s revolutionary new
Minerelles cosmetics. They’ve only been around for a few
months and already women who’ve used it are simply thrilled
with how great Minerelles feels on the skin and how great
they look.

For the millions of American women seeking a natural
approach to beauty, using cosmetics with all-natural
ingredients, without having to sacrifice on performance –
Shaklee has the answer. Minerelles innovative color
cosmetics collection combines the benefits of natural
ingredients with the exceptional performance of
top-of-the-line high-end department store cosmetics. In
fact, Minerelle’s is the world’s first high-performance,
all-natural line of cosmetics.

Minerelles uses micronized minerals combined with
skin-nourishing anti-inflammatory moisturizers and
antioxidants to help protect the skin while providing a
luminous glow. The weightless formulas also reflect light
to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The micronized minerals used in the Minerelles line provide
protection against the environment; yet allow the skin to
breathe. Which means wearing Minerelles is actually better
for one's skin than wearing no makeup at all! Think about
that for a second--Minerelles is actually BETTER for your
skin than wearing no makeup at all! In fact, that line has
been trademarked exclusively for Minerelles. It highlights
the healthy properties of this amazing cosmetic line.
Minerelles is so healthy for the skin that many people who
can’t wear makeup because of irritation or other skin
challenges will be able to use Minerelles and their skin
will be better for it!

Minerelles provides sheer even coverage and radiant,
lasting color. The products are designed to layer and blend
to create custom looks. And unlike many other cosmetics,
Minerelles won't cake or build up on the skin; instead,
they reflect light away from fine lines, reducing the
visible signs of aging.

Now Shaklee introduces fabulous new colors for women with
darker skin including Pecan and Mocha Foundation, Toast
Pressed Powder and Almond Concealer. For more information
on all Shaklee foundations go to:

And just in time for the summer, there are also three new
Lip Glosses: Tahiti Pink, Lilac Lotus and Sunkissed. Plus,
Shaklee members who buy a new shade of Minerelles™ Lip
Gloss can get 40% off the Mascara of your choice! For more
information on Shaklee’s Lip and Lash savings go to:

For a complete look at the revolutionary Minerelle’s
cosmetic line go to:

If you want some step-by-step assistance with how to best
apply Minerelles cosmetics and the many custom looks you
can create be sure to add the Minerelles Color Cosmetics
Application Video to your next order. You can order it
online at:


NEW Shaklee Product: Travel-Size Herb-Lax

Dr. Shaklee’s original Herb-Lax formula is a gentle and yet
a fast-acting natural laxative and it's still one of
Shaklee’s most popular products. And now, just in time for
the summer vacation season, you can get herb-Lax in a handy
60-count travel size. For more information on Herb-Lax and
other products to improve your digestive health go to:

NEW Shaklee Product: Gallon Size of Liquid-L Laundry
By popular demand Shaklee’s powerful Liquid-L Laundry
Concentrate is now available in gallon sizes. Even better,
right now when you order a gallon of Liquid-L you get a
FREE box of Nature Bright Fabric Brightener. It’s the best
laundry deal of the year and this dynamic duo will get your
clothes cleaner than what you are used to. Safe for septic
tanks too. For information or to take advantage of this
special Liquid-L/Nature Bright offer go to:

Shaklee Products for a Healthy and Happy Summer:

Most everyone loves the summer, but the heat and the bugs
and even the travel can take some of the fun out of it.
Fortunately you have Shaklee products you can count on.
Here’s our handy guide for Shaklee’s products you’ll want
to have on hand to get the most joy out of your summer.

Sun protection: Enfuselle SPF30 for Body

Quite frankly there’s no better sunscreen out there. That’s
because this patented sunscreen contains Vital-Repair Plus
which delivers protection against free radical sources not
covered by most sunscreens. It’s important to note that
free radicals created by sun and pollution take an electron
from your cell thereby damaging your cell. Free radical
damage is also often the common pathway for cancer,
accelerated aging and a multitude of diseases. Vital Repair
Plus used in the Enfuselle SPF30 for the Body (as well as
in the complete Enfuselle skin care line) comprehensively
blocks ALL free radical reactions. Use it as much for your
health as for having better-looking skin! Right now you can
get a handy Enfuselle Tote Bag for the beach for just $5
when you purchase two Enfuselle SPF30 for Body. For more
details go to:

Natural Mosquitoes Repellent: Basic-H
Apply pH balanced Basic-H directly on the skin – it’s a
great bug repellent. Don’t ask us how – it’s just another
one of the 1,001 uses for Basic-H!

Summer Skin Irritations: Prickly Heat Rashes, Poison Ivory,
Sunburn etc: Enfuselle Calming Complex.
It’s a natural band-aid for irritated skin. Keep a bottle
of Calming Complex handy all summer – it amazingly calms
down all types of skin flare ups.

Hot Tired Feet: Shaklee Herbal-Blend Mentholated
Multi-Purpose Cream
One word---ahhhhhhhhhh!

Bad bug bites: Herbal-Blend Mentholated Multi-Purpose
Soothes the itch of insect bites – for instance takes the
heat and redness out of bad spider bites overnight.

Traveler’s Diarrhea: Optiflora Probiotic Complex
These little pearls will immensely help provide good
bacteria to offset the negative effects of food poisoning
or stomach ailments from other exotic foods that don’t
agree with you. Right now get 50% off a second bottle when
you buy one at the regular price. For details go to:

Constipation: Herb-Lax
New 60-count Traveler’s Size

Rehydration/Thirst: Shaklee Performance
Provides more energy than Gatorade and really rehydrates
and quenches your thirst fast while balancing your
electrolytes. A great summer drink when you get overheated
and a much healthier alternative to soda.

Clean Water: BestWater Perfect Pitcher
Because when traveling good clean water is not always
readily available.

Nutritional Insurance: Shaklee Basics
Convenient daily vitamin strip for those on the go.
Supplies you with the nutrients your body needs to build
and maintain health.

Special Report: In-Car Air Pollution May Raise Health

Dirty air inside cars may be especially hazardous to people
with health problems.

Spending a lot of time in your car may put your heart’s
health at risk. A new study shows that prolonged exposure
to dirty air inside vehicles could trigger potentially
dangerous changes in heart function.

Prior studies have shown that exposure to fine airborne
particulate matter is associated with cardiovascular events
and mortality in older and cardiac patients. But now,
researchers say air pollution levels inside cars which are
generally lower than outside, may also increase the risk of
heart attack or stroke in people with existing health
problems by changing the way the heart functions.

The study showed that exposure to in-car air pollution
caused changes, such as increased markers of inflammation
and increased blood clotting proteins, variations in heart
rate, and other changes in the functioning of the
cardiovascular system, in nine healthy state highway patrol
troopers who worked in their cars.

In a study, which appears in the April issue of the
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine,
researchers equipped each of the North Caroline State
Highway Patrol cars with air quality monitors. Overall,
researchers say that the troopers were in excellent health
and appeared to be at low risk for heart or other health
problems. But they found prolonged exposure to air
pollution inside the troopers’ vehicles prompted changes in
the heart rate that could be hazardous in less healthy
individuals. Researchers say those changes do not seem
desirable and show that exposure to in-car pollutants
“should be minimized”.

Editor Note: The above excerpt was from an article written
by Jennifer Warner, WebMD Medical News. With the AirSource
Mobile unit you’ve got the best way to minimize your
exposure to in-car pollutants. The AirSource Mobile
conveniently plugs into your car lighter and fits in a
normal car cup holder, and when you get to a hotel you plug
it into an electrical outlet providing you with fresh clean
air wherever you go.

The even better news is that right now you can get an
AirSource Mobile Unit for FREE with the purchase of the
amazing AirSource 3000 air purifier for the home. That’s a
savings of $189 on the member price! Get your AirSource
Mobile unit just in time for your vacation plans. To learn
more about this special offer go to:

To purchase the AirSource Mobile unit separately go to:

Special Shaklee Offers

You’re read about the FREE Nature Bright giveaway with a
purchase of the new gallon-size of Liquid-L and the FREE
AirSource Mobile Unit giveaway with the purchase of an
AirSource3000, the 50% off a second bottle of Optiflora
Probiotic Complex and the $5 Enfuselle Tote Bag special
when you buy two of Shaklee’s patented sunscreen Enfuselle
SPF 30 for the Body. But there are even more product
specials available to you this summer! For a complete list
of all NEW member specials go to:

We hope you have a healthy and happy summer,

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