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Shaklee Corporation Announces Sponsorship of 'The Race
Omega-3 vs Hostility - Prenatal Omega-3 vs Allergies in

Full Nail Polish Line...coming soon
When you are not feeling good you have two choices...
Consider your Options?

Endometriosis help using Shaklee Products
Boost your brain power naturally with Shaklee's NEW
Product, "Memory Optimizer"

Shaklee Corporation Announces Sponsorship of 'The Race

PLEASANTON, Calif., Jun 3, 2004 -- Health and wellness
company Shaklee Corporation today announced an agreement to
serve as an official sponsor of The Race Club, a company
dedicated to promoting elite swimmers vying for a chance to
compete at the 2004 games in Athens and beyond.

"Shaklee has a rich history of helping athletes at the top
of their game excel at their chosen sport, and we are proud
to continue this record by sponsoring The Race Club," said
Les Wong, Director of Health Sciences for Shaklee.

In addition to sponsorship, Shaklee will serve as a
nutritional consultant to The Race Club swimmers to ensure
their peak performance at meets and trial competitions.
Company scientists have designed a nutritional program that
includes a wide variety of Shaklee sports nutrition and
supplement products that will help to maximize each
athlete's competitive edge. Weekly conference calls between
Shaklee's nutrition professionals and the swimmers will
help to fine-tune individual program outcomes, and to date
the athletes have already reported positive results such as
increased stamina and enhanced sleeping patterns.

Among the swimmers participating in the nutrition program
are members of The Race Club's "Circle of Champions," an
elite designation given to athletes with top ranking both
worldwide and in their own individual country. Circle of
Champions members Roland Schoeman (South Africa), Nadine
Rolland (Canada), and Sabir Muhammad (USA) are among those
who have already experienced improved well-being results.
"Our swimmers' performance has been outstanding -- it truly
helps to have a sponsor who can help us reach peak
condition," said The Race Club Head Coach in Islamorada,
Florida Jon Olsen, himself a Circle of Champions member.

"To reach our lofty goals we need safe, clinically proven
products that will always pass competition guidelines for
purity, and Shaklee's product line definitely delivers,"
said Gary Hall, an eight-time medalist and cofounder of The
Race Club. "We are pleased to have Shaklee's support as we
work toward the 2004 games and beyond."

Hall is history's fastest swimmer in organized competition
and the third most decorated American medalist in Summer
Game history. He competed in the 2000 Olympics after being
diagnosed with diabetes and set new records in swimming.
Hall and his father, Gary Hall, Sr., could become the first
father/son tandem in the history of the Games to each
compete in three Olympic Games.

"The Race Club is positioning its swimmers and sponsors to
achieve a greater amount of visibility than has ever been
accomplished by the sport through unique marketing and
media opportunities," said The Race Club's cofounder, David
Arluck. "Both Gary and I believe this partnership with
Shaklee is an important step in the sport's promotions."

About Shaklee Corporation

For nearly 50 years, Shaklee has been a leading provider of
premium quality, natural, environmentally friendly
nutrition, personal care, and household products as well as
state-of-the art air and water treatment systems. The
Shaklee brand is synonymous with high quality and efficacy,
representing one of the most well-established names in the
nutritional supplement and direct selling industries. With
a robust product portfolio, including over 45 patents and
patents-pending worldwide, Shaklee operates in Japan, the
U.S., Mexico, Malaysia and Canada and has over 700,000
members worldwide. The company is based in Pleasanton,
California. For more information, visit

About The Race Club

The Race Club, Inc. was established in September of 2003 by
Gary Hall, Jr. (8-time Olympic medalist) and his manager
and now business partner, David Arluck. The Club's goal is
to promote and present swimmers and swimming events to fans
around the world. A component of The Race Club's services
to elite swimmers includes camps and clinics that have
already produced three swimmers who will be competing at
the 2004 games in Athens. You can learn more by visiting or contact David Arluck at (305)

Omega-3 vs Hostility

Young adults with a high intake of omega-3 fatty acids may
be less prone to hostility, say researchers, and this could
in turn reduce their risk of heart attacks. The study is
part of evidence suggesting polyunsaturated essential fatty
acids may play a role in mental health.

Hostility predicts both the development and manifestation
of coronary disease, writes a U.S. team in European Journal
of Clinical Nutrition. They examined the association of
dietary omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as fish,
with the level of hostility in a sample of 3,581 young
adults living in California.

Both intake of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) intake were separately
associated with lower odds of high hostility, they report.

Source: Whole Foods magazine, April 2004.

Prenatal Omega-3 vs Allergies in Children

Taking fish oil supplements when pregnant could protect
offspring from developing allergies, suggests new research
from an Australian team in the December 2003 issue of the
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Janet Dunstant and her team examined fish oil supplements
and their effects in 40 pregnant women (from 20 weeks
gestation to delivery) on the immune response in their
infants. All the women had a history of hay fever or
asthma, making their children at increased risk of
allergies. Another 43 women took an olive oil placebo.

The supplements resulted in significantly higher levels of
omega-3 and lower levels of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty
acids in cell membranes of babies born to mothers in the
fish oil group.

Source: Whole Foods magazine, April 2004.

NEW PRODUCTS COMING... Full Nail Polish Line

At the recent convention in San Francisco, Shaklee
officially announced that they would be adding a Nail
Polish line in the fall of 2004. The nail polish will NOT
1. Toluene
2 Acetone
3. Formaldehyde
(These toxic ingredients are commonly found in many brands
of nail polish.)

When you are not feeling good you have two choices:
Consider your Options??

1. Go to the doctor first and he will prescribe medication
which will state something like this:

Possible side effects:
Dizziness Trouble sleeping
Nausea Nervousness
Headache Rapid or pounding
heart beat
Rash Itching
Swelling Severe dizziness
Trouble breathing Diarrhea
Nausea Vomiting
Bad taste in mouth Indigestion
Stomach pain Stomach discomfort
Emotional or mood changes Confusion
Hallucinations Depression

Then it will state: The above information is not intended
to cover all possible adverse effects.
If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your
doctor, nurse, or pharmacists

2. Or you have a second choice- Start on The Shaklee Basic
Nutritional Program

Possible side effects:
Feel better More energy
Clearer Skin Stronger Nails
Better Hair Stronger Body, etc etc

This above information is not intended to cover all
possible health benefits.
If you notice other benefits not listed above, contact your
Shaklee Distributor so that you can share them with others!

What would be your first choice???


Endometriosis & Shaklee
Thanks, Martha Willmore

Below is an incredible example of how soy protein reduces
estrogen dominance. This gal had endometriosis, which is
always made worse by estrogen dominance. Using LOTS of soy
protein changed her life! That's why soy protein is very
beneficial for anyone with estrogen dominance, such as PMS,
peri-menopausal women with heavy clots & bleeding, etc.


My daughter wrote this testimony and I thought it might
help some people alot.

In the past I had horrible periods and about 4 years ago I
was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had pain so bad that I
could barely go to work and often the thing I loved to do
the most (Run) got put on hold because of the pain. After
I saw the doctor and he diagnosed me with endometriosis and
told me I may not be able to conceive, I was determined to
do something about it.

I had always taken Shaklee supplements but not to the
extent that I was about to reach. I started increased my
dose of Shaklee protein from 1-2 times a day to 5-6 times a
day. I also increased my intake of B-complex considerably.
I started to take GLA on a consistent basis along with
slightly increasing my calcium, zinc and iron levels.

Within the next month I could already feel a difference.
My periods were a lot less painful. The horrible pain that
I once had was almost unnoticeable. I had very few cramps
and also noticed that my mood swings were much more even.
Six months after I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis,
I had pain free periods and actually felt like the old me.

The next month I conceived my daughter. The pregnancy was
a huge blessing. Since the birth of my daughter (who I
nursed for 20 months), I have continued to take all of my
supplements and the protein. (I still drink the protein
4-5 times a day and notice if I do not take it as often).
I have been back to the OB/GYN several times since I was
first diagnosed and he can't believe that I have no more
symptoms of endometriosis.

Thanks be to more PAIN!
Angela Seydel


Samuel's Story

Read how Shaklee Products changed this child's life! Only
QUALITY PRODUCTS could accomplish this ...

Samuel was born ten weeks prematurely, and spent six weeks
in the neo-natal intensive care unit at St. John's
Hospital. Other than that he was healthy the first year of
his life.

After his first year he began to have respiratory
problems, and had colds with congestion and wheezing all
the time. The Dr. diagnosed him with respiratory airway
disease (RAD). The started Samuel on Zopenex in a breathing
machine as needed. He went from bad to worse. It got to the
point that Samuel wasn't eating and couldn't sleep because
of his coughing fits. After countless trips to the Dr's
office he gave us a steroid called palmicort that was given
two times a day with three treatments of Zopenex. Also, the
Dr. believed Samuel had developed asthma, and would need
steroids indefinitely. My husband and I continued to pray
for Samuel and had him prayed for at church.

I have used Shaklee since I was a baby and had Samuel on
Vita-lea chewables Vita-C and the Meal Shake. Samuel is 2
1/2 yrs old.

My Mother asked me to go to a conference and hear Dr.
Linda Rodriquez. At the time we were scheduled to be out of
town, but as God would have it, we changed our plans
because Samuel came down with another respiratory
infection. We were now giving four breathing treatments a
day. I attended the seminar with my Mom and Sister-in-law.
Everything Dr. Rodriquez said was contrary to what we were
doing. I just felt so depressed because I could not help
Samuel and was doing everything the Dr. told me to do. My
Mother was able to arrange for Dr. Rodriquez to make a
house call to see Samuel.

When she arrived she could tell by looking at him he was
very deficient in Iron and had a yeast infection from all
the steroids. She said no more Breathing treatments. She
started Samuel on a program of vitamins.

2 tps Liqui-Lea
2 Tbs Protein
2-4 Alfalfa
1 E Tablet
1 Zinc
Calcium, Vita-C, Optiflora, Citraboost and eliminated all
dairy, because she felt he might have a milk allergy, even
though the allergy tests at his Dr. showed no sighs of food
allergies. She suggested we stop giving him so much juice
and eliminate sugar from his diet. He only drinks
Bestwater, Soy Milk, or Protein now. We have a AirSource
in our home but she suggested the AirSource Mobile for his

After two weeks of this program he was 100% better. He has
not been sick since and has gained 3 lb. this month.

Thank you Lord and Dr. Rodriquez for helping Samuel so

Jennifer & Sam Coryell
Claudia & Marty Bess Grandparents


Memory Optimizer Conference Call

Boost your Brain Power and listen to this educational call
on the new Memory Optimizer.

This is an excellent study and filled with information on
the new fabulous product.

Click Here to listen from our secure server

By Rusty Ost
RPh & Member of Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists

Memory Optimizer
Neurons are brain cells that capture events and information
as a distinct pattern of electrical signals that are
transported to the brain's learning and memory-processing
center. This information is then transmitted from neuron
to neuron and carried to the proper area of the brain for
storage. As we age, these connections weaken and memory
formation slows down.

Looking to improve your memory? Look what is now available
from Shaklee! It is a brain-power supplement for improved
memory and learning. This newly developed supplement
combines two clinically proven ingredients to help improve
memory and cognitive function with an herb traditionally
used for brain health. Let's take a look at these

The first is Vinpocetine from the periwinkle plant. It was
introduced into clinical practice in Europe more than 20
years ago for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders
and related symptoms. Experiments show that it can dilate
blood vessels, enhance circulation in the brain, improve
oxygen utilization, make red blood cells more pliable and
inhibit aggregation of platelets. Vinpocetine has been
used in hundreds of clinical trials showing its
effectiveness. For example in one double blind clinical
trial, it was shown to offer significant improvement in
elderly patients with chronic cerebral dysfunction.
Vinpocetine is often used for the treatment of cerebral
circulatory disorders such as memory problems, acute
stroke, motor disorders dizziness and headache. One study
even showed incredible short-term memory improvement an
hour after taking vinpocetine. Memory Optimizer would be
an excellent product if this were the only ingredient! Now
read on!

The next ingredient is bacopa, an Ayurvedic herb used often
in India for memory enhancement. Studies show that bacopa
has antioxidant properties, protects mental function, and
has the ability to improve memory and mood. Here again
clinical studies have shown significantly improved speed of
visual information processing, learning rate and cognitive

Finally we are offered polygala from Traditional Chinese
Medicine. Polygala has several uses including amnesia
(forgetfulness), anxiety, constrained emotions and
excessive brooding, insomnia, mental disorientation,
pent-up emotional states, and restlessness.

All together these three ingredients work to keep your
brain cells, you have a trillion of them, healthy and
functioning at their fullest. These complementary herbs
in Memory Optimizer can help to provide the dietary support
to enhance memory and maintain optimal brain function.
This may even replace the proverbial "string-on-the-finger"
approach to remembering! Who might benefit from this
product? Certainly the student who wants to improve memory
and test scores, and actually anyone who wants to increase
their "brain power". Finally, don't forget to exercise
your memory just as you choose to exercise your body.

June & Rusty Ost ~ 4211 SW 13th Avenue, Cape Coral, FL


Barefoot in the Garden
McAsey Enterprises
phone: 888-272-6701

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