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Spring is here and with it come the joys of sunnier days
and open windows, but for some also the not-so-pleasant
effects of allergies, sinusitis and hay fever. Fortunately
Shaklee can help in a variety of ways and this month we
look at how nourishing your Immune System can make a
difference during the spring allergy season.

Spring is also an opportunity for many to start fresh with
a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Shaklee can help here
too, and in this issue we profile Shaklee’s long history as
an environmental steward and its line of environmental
cleaners. Cleaners that work even better than what you’ll
find in grocery stores and cleaners that are highly
concentrated making them more economical too. Our
testimonial this month is on one of Shaklee’s Cleaner – At
Ease Paste and why every home should have this little tub
of heavy-duty scouring cleanser on hand. We close by
opening our mailbag to answer a couple of recent inquiries.

In this Issue:
1) Spring and the Immune System
2) Shaklee’s Environmental Cleaning Products
3) Shaklee Testimonial: At Ease Heavy-Duty Scouring
4) Our Shaklee Mailbag: Answering your Shaklee related

1) Spring and the Immune System
Excerpted from a recent article by Dr. Frank Painter

Spring is that time of year when allergies will cause
untold suffering. Why is that? When we are exposed to
allergens, two immune cells (called basophils and mast
cells) release histamines, which trigger the inflammatory
response. That’s what causes the tearing, runny noses, and
body aches. When the immune system is weakened, this
response runs out of control. UGH! The good news is that
Shaklee can help. Let’s find out how!

We are born with an "Immune System" that helps our body
recognize and adapt to unwelcome intruders like bacteria,
viruses, and "allergens", including molds, pollen and other
natural, or man-made substances.

There are two cooperative defense systems that can combat
these threats. The first part is called "non-specific"
because it treats every threat the same. This system
includes our skin and the mucous membranes that line our
respiratory and digestive tracts. The second part is
internal and specific, and includes the "white" blood cells
and the Inflammatory Response system. The internal defense
system is what is commonly referred to as the Immune

White blood cells are found in our blood, and in organs
like the spleen, intestines, thymus, and our bone marrow.
They respond specifically to particular types of invaders.
The immune response involves attacking and destroying those
invaders, and in the production of specialized proteins
called antibodies.

Any foreign substance, which activates the immune response,
is called an antigen. Once we have been exposed to a
particular antigen (like the virus that causes chicken pox)
the system will develop an antibody to it. That’s why you
only get the chicken pox once…because our blood and lymph
systems carry those antibodies.

So, what goes wrong with the system? Why is it that when a
new virus goes around, some people "catch it" and others
don’t? It has to do with the strength, and the reactive
speed of our immune system cells. Immune cells are
miniature chemical factories that always do what they are
designed to do…when they are healthy, and when they have
the proper raw materials.

The things that contribute to maintaining a strong immune
system are adequate rest, exercise, stress reduction, and
most especially proper nutrition. In addition, many of us
don’t eat the wide variety of fruits and vegetables needed
to capture all the vitamins and minerals necessary, that
many of us have less than competent immune systems.

Shaklee has created specific proprietary products for
immune support they include:

Shaklee Immune Building Complex ~ This exclusive
proprietary blend has been clinically proven to support and
stimulate the natural immune response. By prompting the
body’s natural interferon production (interferons are very
effective at attacking bacteria and viruses), and
increasing the activity of macrophages and neutrophils—two
key players in a normal immune system—Immune Building
Complex provides unsurpassed support for your immune
system’s most powerful frontline defense. Even better it is
formulated to optimize immune response to environmental
irritants and airborne substances making it a must product
for allergy sufferers! For more information on Immune
Building Complex go to:

Immunity Formula I is an easy to swallow combination of
Vitamins A, B, C and E, along with zinc, selenium and
copper, all of which are vital to a healthy immune system.
Formula I. For more information on Immunity Formula I go

Shaklee DR (Defend and Resist) ~ This combination of
echinacea, black elderberry, larch tree extract, and zinc
is the perfect tonic when you first feel the onset of a
cold or other virus. This product should only be used when
you are getting sick. For greatest effectiveness use it at
the first sign of a cold or flu. For more information on
Shaklee DR go to:

For more information on Shaklee’s nutritional products for
immune support and/or to order any of them online go to:

Other Shaklee supplements that can support a healthier
Immune System:

Carotomax contains Beta-carotene (pre-vitamin A). This is
necessary to form lysozyme, a bacteria-busting chemical
found in our tears, saliva and mucosal linings. It also
contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which are protective of
vision (the macula), and sulforaphane, which stimulates the
liver detoxification system. Fore more information on
Carotomax also now in a new 90 count size go to:

Vitamin C is nature’s own antibiotic and is involved in a
variety of ways with immunocompetency, helping to fight
infection and build resistance. Vitamin C is also required
to maintain and repair connective tissue in our blood
vessels. If you bruise easily, you are low on Vitamin C.
For more information on Shaklee’s highly effective
Sustained Released Vitamin-C go to:

Vitamin E and Selenium are necessary to produce antibodies,
and they also increase white cell activity. Selenium is a
powerful immune stimulant. For more information on
Shaklee’s Vita-E Complex which contains the whole e-complex
as well as selenium and grape seed extract go to:

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) stimulates the activity of the White
cell lines by increasing their energy efficiency. It has
caused dramatic improvements with immune disorders like
AIDS. For more information on Shaklee’s CoQHeart, the most
bioavailable CoQ10 product on the market today go to:

B Complex is necessary for energy production in all our
cells. Stress, simple sugars and caffeine run down our
levels of the important B vitamins. For more information on
Shaklee’s patented B-complex go to:

OptiFlora Pre/probiotics are effective in strengthening the
"gut defense barrier" down-regulating hypersensitivity
reactions and in controlling inflammatory diseases like
irritable bowel syndrome. For more information on Shaklee’s
revolutionary Optiflora Colon Care System go to:

Zinc is strongly associated with healing and immune
strength. For more information on Zinc Complex go to:

You can also find studies demonstrating the power of
supplementation's support of immunocompetency located
online at:

2) The Shaklee Environmental Difference

Shaklee has been a leading environmental company since 1960
when they introduced phosphate-free, biodegradable Basic-H®
Concentrated Organic Cleaner to a world where other
companies were still touting the benefits of products with

Shaklee’s Basic-H® helped put the word “biodegradable” into
the American vocabulary. Since then Shaklee has led the way
developing a complete line of environmentally safe and
friendly household cleaning and laundry products and
becoming recognized as a leader in the environmental

Shaklee’s most recent environmental pioneering
accomplishment may be its biggest of all. Shaklee became
the nation’s first Climate Neutral™ Certified enterprise in
April 2000 by completely offsetting its greenhouse gas
emissions, meaning that the company has achieved a net zero
impact on global warming. Shaklee’s innovative approach of
protecting the environment has received numerous national

The Shaklee ideal of Living in Harmony with Nature™
recognizes that everything we do makes an impact on the
planet. Living according to this philosophy means taking
care of the earth, starting with using products that are
gentle to the earth. With Shaklee’s concentrated household
cleaners and laundry products, you’ll save money, throw
away fewer containers, and reduce landfill. Shaklee helps
give you a clean home free of phosphates, chlorine, borates
and nitrates. The following is a short recap of Shaklee’s
complete line of environmental household cleaning and
laundry products.

Basic-H® Concentrated Organic Household Cleaner: An
official Earth Day product. 1,001 uses from floors to
walls, to windows and that's just for starters. 1 quart
when diluted with water as directed is equal to: 8 24-oz
bottles of Simple Green®, or 188 32-oz bottles of
Fantastik®, or 5,819 26-oz bottles of Windex®

Basic-G® Highly Concentrated Germicidal Cleaner: An
effective germ killer! EPA registered. Use on hard,
non-porous surfaces. Effective against more than 40
bacteria, fungi and viruses, including salmonella,
athlete's foot, canine distemper and rabies, feline
leukimia. One quart makes up to 64 gallons of disinfectant
and when diluted with water as directed is equal to 372
22-oz bottles of Lysol Antibacterial Cleaner®, or 454 18-oz
bottles of Clorox Disinfectant Spray®

Basic-I® Industrial Strength Degreaser: penetrates,
emulsifies and removes grease and grime. Ideal for
heavy-duty home industrial, and commercial jobs: garage
tools, barbeque grills, driveways, workshop and garage
floors. One quart makes up to 32 gallons of degreaser.

Biodegreat® Concentrated Drain Build Up Remover: safe,
natural way to maintain free flowing drains and pipes.
Natural enzymes work to devour organic sludge and odor in
drains. Use once a month to prevent clogged drains. No
chemicals, fumes or odors. Great to use on slow-moving
drains and toilets, garbage disposals, septic tanks,
cabins, boats and motor homes. Safe for all types of

At Ease® Heavy Duty Scouring Cleanser: tough cleaning paste
from natural abrasives. Scours away grease and dirt on
sinks, tiles, stovetops, barbeque grills, enamel and
ovenproof glass. No ammonia, chlorine or toxic fumes.

Liquid At-Ease® Cleanser: Tough but gentle. Cleans, scours,
polishes without scratching. Effective grease-cutting
citrus formula. Ideal for today’s contemporary surfaces. No
ammonia, chlorine or toxic fumes.

Basic-D® Automatic Dishwasher Concentrate. Phosphate free.
Effective even in hard water. One 50-oz box of Basic-D does
the same number of dishwasher loads as FOUR 45-oz boxes of

Satin Sheen® Dishwashing Liquid: Tough on heavy grease and
baked-on foods. Gentle on hands. No fragrance or dyes.

Power Formula Basic-L® Free Laundry Concentrate: No
fragrance, dyes or masking agents. Hypoallergenic.
Dust-free granular formula. Phosphate-free. Natural organic
enzymes. The perfect choice for those with allergies and/or
sensitivities to fragrance. One nine pound box does the
same number of loads of about 3.8 boxes of Arm & Hammer®

Power Formula Liquid-L® Laundry Concentrate and Prespotter:
Combines ultra-effective, natural sustainable sourced
cleaning agents from corn and coconut with natural organic
enzymes, Liquid-L penetrates ground in dirt and grime
leaving clothes cleaner, brighter, softer and fresh
smelling. And it’s concentrated--one quart of Liquid-L does
32 loads and in clinical tests it outperforms other leading
“Green” products like Planet® and Seventh Generation® for
soil removal. Outperforms leading laundry pre-spotters like
Shout® and Spray ‘N Wash®, for spot removals and just one
ounce of Liquid-L rivals the soil removing power of 3 oz.
of Liquid Tide® and 4 oz. Of All®!

Nature Bright® Fabric Brightener: Brightens and whitens all
washable fabrics. Uses natural organic enzymes and active
oxygen to attack the toughest stains. Nature Bright and
Basic-L together are tremendously effective on the toughest
stains. Plus colors won't fade and both Nature Bright
Fabric Brightener and Basic-L Laundry detergent are so
biodegradable you can re-use wash and rinse water for
landscaping! Safe for septic tanks.

Softer Than Soft Fabric Softener: Economical organic
phosphate-free concentrate can be used to replace both
Downy® Fabric Softener AND Bounce® dryer sheets. Softens
clothes, minimizes static cling. Fresh, clean scent.

To order online from Shaklee's complete line of
environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry products go

3) Shaklee Testimonial: At-Ease Heavy Duty Scouring

"My granddaughter had a marker pen break on her this
morning, getting ink all over her her top and pants. I
took a wet corner of a terry cloth towel, and then put one
swipe of AT EASE on it, and all the ink came off her top
and pants, as well as her hands.

Earlier in December, my grandson got a black permanent ink
marker and marked all over the wall paper going up the
stairs and then in some places on the walls upstairs.
Again AT EASE took it off. This is a product that no home
should be without. By the way, it also works well on the
stove". --Glinda

Ed. Note: Thank you Glinda for that testimonial! A little
tub of At Ease paste is another Shaklee product that once
you try it you really can’t imagine being without it. Not
only are its natural abrasives tough on marks on walls and
furniture, At Ease is very effective removing grease and
dirt found on sinks, tiles, stovetops, showers, chrome,
enamel, barbeque grills, fireplace or ovenproof glass. It’s
also a joy to use, with no ammonia, chlorine or toxic
fumes. In fact At Ease Heavy Duty Scouring Cleanser smells
like cherries! One little 9-oz tub lasts for a long, long
time so add it to your next Shaklee order, you’ll be glad
you did! For more information on At Ease or Liquid At Ease
or to order it online go to:

4) Our Shaklee Mailbag
From time to time we like to publicly answer some of the
private inquiries we get about Shaklee products for the
benefit of everyone.

Q: When is the best time to take Shaklee vitamins? Can I
take them all at once or take them out throughout the day?

A: The most important thing of course is to take them every
day! Depending on how many Shaklee vitamins you are taking,
you can choose to take them all at once or split them up
throughout the day. Most Shaklee vitamins are food
supplements so it’s best to take them with food. Also
taking them with meals over the course of the day will help
ensure a steady supply of nutrients in your bloodstream.
Those of you who use the Shaklee Basics vitamin-strip will
notice that four vitamins are sort of clustered together
and two are separated. Shaklee did that as a suggestion to
take the four with a morning meal and the other two at
lunch or dinner. Shaklee herbal products vary – some
products like Herb-Lax are better taken at night, while
other herbal products like CorEnergy would be better taken
in the morning. Of course it almost goes without saying to
check the Shaklee label of each product for serving

Q: What’s the difference between a time-released vitamin
and Shaklee’s Sustained-Release Vitamin C?

A: Time-released means the contents are released all at
once at a specific time interval which is not nearly as
effective as Shaklee’s Sustained Release Vitamin C which
unravels the Vitamin-C along the intestinal tract providing
a continuous supply of Vitamin C to the bloodstream.
Shaklee uses natural gums and waxes in its unique sustained
released delivery system.

Q: With recent warnings of high mercury levels in many
fish, how does Shaklee’s Essential Omega-3 Complex (a fish
oil product) measure up?

A: Shaklee has always sourced "high grade" fish oil for use
in their Essential Omega 3 Complex capsules. Shaklee has
set standards for heavy metals, mercury, arsenic, PCB's, as
well as a variety of pesticides and conduct strict quality
control testing to ensure that they are not present in
Shaklee products.

As your Shaklee distributor we’re here for you. So feel
free to contact us with any Shaklee-related questions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Shaklee newsletter and
will continue to choose Shaklee for your health and
wellness needs. Finally, don’t forget to check out the
fabulous Shaklee member-only specials going on from now
until April 26th at:

Wishing you and your family the very best of health!


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