How to Create a Self-Cleaning Bathroom

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We hope you are enjoying the summer. We've got another
great, new Shaklee product to share with you, one that
finally gives snacking a good name. Our feature article is
on Shaklee’s non-toxic cleaning and personal care products
and how you can use them to create a self-cleaning
bathroom! And two Shaklee testimonials one on Endometriosis
and how one woman increased her Shaklee supplements
especially Shaklee’s Energizing Protein to get a new lease
on life. The other one is how a high school student raised
his ACT score 3 points by adding Shaklee's Memory Optimizer
to his supplement program.

In this issue:

~ NEW Shaklee Product: Multi-Munch Bar
~ Shaklee Cleaners and the Self Cleaning Bathroom
~ Shaklee Testimonials: Endometriosis and Improving

New Shaklee Product: Multi-Munch Bar

Snacking between meals is something just about everyone
does and actually according to nutritionists, personal
trainers and other weight management experts, eating
several small meals a day is good way to keep one’s
metabolism up and running, which can help lose weight. The
key is eating the right snack foods. Unfortunately,
snacking for most people consist of fattening foods which
has contributed to the obesity epidemic in our country.

Current research suggests that foods with the right blend
of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber can help maintain
stable blood sugar levels. Steady blood sugar levels help
keep energy levels up and prevent runaway hunger between

Shaklee has once again answered the call. Introducing
Multi-Munch Protein Boost Nutrition Energy Bar in Honey
Peanut flavor. Made with wholesome delicious ingredients
including natural peanut butter, flax seed concentrate, and
soy nuts. Multi-Munch is the perfect snack or mini-meal for
working parents, active kids, athletes and dieters to power
through the day. Each Multi-Munch bar provides:

Delicious combination of 15 grams of soy and whey protein.
Four grams of fiber.
21 essential vitamins and minerals
As much calcium as a glass of milk.
200 delicious calories.

Multi-Munch is low in saturated fats, and has NO refined
sugar. NO fractionated tropical oils or hydrogenated fats.
NO artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.

Multi-Munch is a wholesome source of needed nutrition,
plenty of good flavor and appetitie satisfaction. Why snack
when you can munch with Multi-Munch! For more information
on Multi-Munch or to order it online go to:

Shaklee Cleaners and the Self Cleaning Bathroom

Do you want to avoid the noxious fumes and chemicals in
most cleaners?
Do you want to save money on your cleaning supplies?
Would you like to help the environment?
Are you tired of cleaning your bathroom?

You can have a self-cleaning bathroom and accomplish all of
the above by using scientifically tested, clinically
proven, and effective SHAKLEE environmentally safe cleaning

All Shaklee cleaners are highly concentrated. Instead of
paying for the shipment of water like most cleaners, you
save when you dilute the concentrates with your own water.
For example 16 oz. of window cleaner costs less than a
penny, 16 oz. of all- purpose cleaner is less than $.03 and
16 oz. of our disinfectant is less than $.05! An average
family of 4 will save over $200/year on their cleaning
supplies when they switch to SHAKLEE.

Shaklee’s cleaners are powerful against dirt, yet gentle on
the environment. They are completely biodegradable--which
means ALL elements of the product return to a natural state
unlike some other “biodegradable” cleaners where only the
surfactants or cleaning agents are biodegradable.

Shaklee’s cleaners break down completely within 30 days.
They are safe for septic systems.

Shaklee’s Basic-H household cleaner was the only cleaner
named an official Earth Day product. Shaklee’s Basic-G
germicide is clinically proven to kill over 33 pathogens
(bacteria, fungus and virus) including strep, staph, feline
leukemia, canine distemper, and E-coli. It has a 3-day
residual effectiveness compared to 1 hour for chlorine
bleach. None of our cleaners is flammable. The residue
from your current disinfectant may leave a flammable
surface. Shaklee’s cleaners are water based, not petroleum
based. They leave no residue or film to re-attract dirt
and grime. You clean less frequently; cleaning is easier,
and your floors won’t be sticky.


This is a one-time-a-year procedure! Once you have
completed this over-all clean up, you can sit back, relax,
and never have to do this big job again!

To get rid of build-up of soap residue in showers, on
tiles, bathtubs, sinks, etc. Use a wet Shaklee Miracle pad
with Shaklee’s At-Ease and plenty of warm water. Rub or
brush gently, and enjoy the fragrance! Rinse with clear
water. Wipe down with a solution of 1 TB Basic-G per 1
gallon of water to kill mildew. If mildew is lodged in
grouting or seams, brush with full strength Basic-G, let
set one hour, then rinse. Need more brightening/whitening?
Make a paste using Shaklee’s Basic-D or Nature Bright and
At-Ease, brush on, let set, rinse.

To get rid of film on mirrors and windows. Mix 2-4 drops
of Basic-H in 16 oz. water in a spray bottle. If you have
been using other glass cleaners, you may get streaks until
the oil residue they leave is cleaned off with the new
Basic-H solution. Be sure you use only drops when mixing.
This works great for dusting, also. Spray on your dust rag
and dust even your best wood furniture.

To Disinfect. Mix 1/2 tsp Basic-G in l6oz water in a spray
bottle. Use this to wipe the outside of garbage pails,
diaper pails, bathroom vanity, kitchen sinks, toilet, etc.
For best results, let sit for 10 minutes. It’s a great
deodorizer as well as a disinfectant. Spray throughout the
house to kill viruses, etc.

To minimize clean-up in the sink area. Once soap residue
is removed with At-Ease, use Shaklee’s Meadow Blend Bar or
Meadow Blend Hand and Body Lotion from now on to not only
to get your hands clean, but to leave no film. It is
effective yet so gentle to your skin. Also, using only
Shaklee’s New Concept Spearmint or Wintergreen
toothpaste/dentifrice keeps your sink area looking great,
too. Not only is New Concept Dentifrice a powerful cleanser
for teeth (found to be superior in cleaning when compared
by a leading dental research institute with the two leading
toothpastes on the market today), but it is so economical
that one container can replace two family-sized tubes.

To eliminate any cleaning in shower--on walls or
doors--from spots. After soap residue is removed, use only
SHAKLEE products because they can’t leave film or spots.
You can bathe with Shaklee’s Meadow Blend Bar or Liquid,
Small Wonder Shampoo & Baby Bath, Enfuselle Shower Gel,
Basic-H, or yes even Satin Sheen (Shaklee’s dishwasing
liquid!). Your skin will feel great since these plant-based
products are soap free, effective, and totally safe. When
you use only SHAKLEE ProSanté Shampoos and Conditioners,
there will be no ugly residue collecting in your tub and on
the tile or glass walls. None of these products leaves
any bathtub ring. Isn’t that exciting?

These products are very kind to sensitive skin, including
baby’s. Yet SHAKLEE’s cleaning products have passed every
state’s tests for biodegradability and non-pollution. Many
competitors’ cleaners take 10 years to decompose. Shaklee
cleaners return to nature in less than 30 days. SHAKLEE
cleaners are also Kosher Certified for purity and
ingredient labeling.

"It isn't enough to cherish what we have. One by one, (two
by two, or three by three) we must actively protect the
earth by living responsibly.”

Shaklee Products for a Healthy and Self Cleaning Bathroom:
Basic-H Household Cleaner
Basic-G Germicide
At Ease Paste
Meadow Blend Bars and/or Meadow Blend Hand and Body Lotion
ProSante Shampoo and Conditioner
New Concept Organic Dentifrice

To order from Shaklee’s complete line of
environmentally-friendly and cost-effective cleaners go to:

To order from Shaklee’s ProSante Hair Care line go to:

To order from Shaklee’s collection on daily personal care
products like Meadow Blend Hand & Body Liquid Soap, New
Concept Dentifrice Organic Toothpaste go to:


Shaklee Testimonial: Endometriosis

Below is an example of how soy protein reduces estrogen
dominance. This lady had endometriosis, which is always
made worse by estrogen dominance. Using LOTS of Shaklee
soy protein changed her life! That's why Shaklee soy
protein is very beneficial for anyone with estrogen
dominance, such as PMS, peri-menopausal women with heavy
clots & bleeding, etc.

“In the past I had horrible periods and about 4 years ago I
was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had pain so bad that I
could barely go to work and often the thing I loved to do
the most (running) got put on hold because of the pain.
After I saw the doctor and he diagnosed me with
endometriosis and told me I may not be able to conceive, I
was determined to do something about it.

I had always taken Shaklee supplements but not to the
extent that I was about to reach. I started increased my
dose of Shaklee protein from 1-2 times a day to 5-6 times a
day. I also increased my intake of B-complex considerably.
I started to take Shaklee’s GLA Complex on a consistent
basis along with slightly increasing my calcium, zinc and
iron levels. (Shaklee’s Super Cal Mag Plus, Zinc Complex,

Within the next month I could already feel a difference.
My periods were a lot less painful. The horrible pain that
I once had was almost unnoticeable. I had very few cramps
and also noticed that my mood swings were much more even.
Six months after I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis,
I had pain free periods and actually felt like the old me.

The next month I conceived my daughter. The pregnancy was
a huge blessing. Since the birth of my daughter (who I
nursed for 20 months), I have continued to take all of my
supplements and the protein. (I still drink the protein
4-5 times a day and notice if I do not take it as often).
I have been back to the OB/GYN several times since I was
first diagnosed and he can't believe that I have no more
symptoms of endometriosis.

Thanks be to more PAIN!
---A. Seydel

Editor's Note: Shaklee's Soy Protein provides the highest
quality, biologically complete protein. Made from
NON-genetically modified (GMO) soy, it includes all
essential amino acids and beneficial soy isoflavones. As
part of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, daily intake of
soy protein helps retain normal cholesterol levels and
promotes heart, breast and prostate health. Studies show
soy also helps regulate hormonal balance for women.
Shaklee's Energizing Protein along with Shaklee Basics
daily vitamin strip, forms Shaklee nutritional foundation
for everyday health. Shaklee also guarantees you'll feel
better with more energy and a greater sense of well-being
within 30 days when you take the Shaklee Basics and
Energizing Protein together. It's a Great Start to a Great

For more information on Shaklee's complete line of Soy
Protein go to:

For more information on Shaklee's Nutritional Great Start
Package go to:


Shaklee Testimonal: Improving Memory

Linda & Jim Lavold’s son, Alex, took his ACT (college
entrance exam) twice last year as a junior, scoring 22 both
times. This fall he took it again and scored 21. In May
Alex took it for the 4th time, before leaving to take the
test, Linda poured supplements into him, like she had the
previous 3 times, but added Memory Optimizer. He got his
score back yesterday: 25. WOW! People that are very
familiar with the ACT exam say it is almost impossible to
change your score by more than 1 point, 2 at the most. What
a testimony to Shaklee’s new Memory Optimizer.

To order Shaklee Memory Optimizer go to:

We’ve hope you enjoyed the information. Feel free to
contact us by email or phone with any Shaklee-related

Take Care and Know that We Care,


Barefoot in the Garden
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