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The Olympics start this month and Shaklee will be there as the nutritional sponsor of Gary Hall Jr. who will swim for the USA. Learn more about Gary’s already remarkable achievements and the role Shaklee plays in helping him go for the Gold and for the Olympic history books!

Our Summer of Savings continues this month with new specials on a wide selection of Shaklee products. We highlight a couple of the products with great discounts this month. We’re also happy to announce a new and improved Carotomax delivering even more anti-oxidant protection.

In this Issue:
~ Shaklee at the Olympics: Gary Hall Jr. Swims for the Gold & the Olympic History Books
~ New & Improved Shaklee Carotomax
~ Encouraging new Studies on Omega-3
~ Nature Bright and Sink Stains
~ Gentle Action Cleansing Bar: The soap for those who can’t use soap.

Shaklee at the Olympics: Gary Hall Jr. Swims for the Gold & the Olympic History Books

Shaklee is the nutritional sponsor of Gary Hall Jr., who will swim for the USA in the Olympic games in Athens this month. Gary is the American record holder in the 50 meters and will swim in the 50 Meter free and the Mens 4 by 100 freestyle relay in Athens. According to Gary Hall, Jr., "Shaklee is key to our practice and recovery. To beat the competition, we need every edge we can get." When asked by the L.A. Times how he felt, Gary responded, "I think I'll be swimming faster than any man has swam before." If Gary medals in the 2004 games, he has a chance to become the most decorated athlete of all time and will match his father's record as a three-time medalist, making this the first father/son duo to do so in the history of the games. Gary Hall, Jr. delighted the audience at the Long Beach, California swimming trials with his clear victory in the 50-Meter Freestyle. Hall won the 50-Meter Freestyle for the third straight time to become the first American to win the same event at three consecutive trials. In addition, he and his father now represent the first father and son duo to each compete in three Olympic Games. To gear up for the chance to compete in Athens, Hall and other members of the elite swim team he co-founded, The Race Club, have been using Shaklee vitamins and nutrition supplements under the nutritional guidance of Shaklee's health sciences experts in order to help to maximize each athlete's competitive edge.

"To reach our lofty goals we need safe, clinically proven products that will always pass competition guidelines for purity, and Shaklee's products definitely deliver," said Gary Hall Jr. "We are pleased to have Shaklee's support as we work toward the 2004 Games and beyond." And at 6-feet 6-inches and 215 pounds, Hall indeed demonstrated that he was prepared to collect his place on the U.S. team as he finished the race in 21.91 seconds.

His top competitor, 100-Meter Freestyle winner Jason Lezak, could not catch him and came in at 22.05 seconds. Sabir Muhammed, another member of The Race Club using the Shaklee regimen, came in an impressive fourth in the 50-Meter Freestyle finals.

Hall was one of the highlights of the Long Beach swimming trials, not only for his fantastic victory but also for the incredible personal story and excitement he brings to the sport. By also finishing third in the 100-Meter Freestyle, Hall will compete in the Summer Games in both the 50-Meter Freestyle and 400 Relay Team.

This will be his third appearance at the games, equaling the mark of his father, Gary Hall, Sr. The Halls will be the first American father-son duo to each participate in three Olympic competitions. With that kind of experience, Hall is more then justified in making his bid for team captain for the U.S. Swim Team and U.S. Flag Bearer.

At age 29, Hall has overcome big challenges since he first swam at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. That he is still swimming is a crowning achievement in its own right. In 1999, Hall was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, a disease in which the body fails to produce the insulin that is needed to deliver sugar to the cells. Warned by some doctors to quit the sport, Hall instead monitors his blood glucose level by pricking his finger 10 times a day - in between his rigorous workouts and swims - and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

Among his many responsibilities, Hall is actively involved in the diabetes community as an educator and supporter. "Shaklee is proud to support true greatness, both in and out of the pool," said Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation. You can listen in as Gary discusses why he chooses Shaklee nutrition online at: Once you’re at that page click on the Top Performers link to bring up the Listen Page.

To celebrate Gary’s Olympic pursuits, Shaklee is offering 20% off its top two Sports Nutrition products Shaklee Physique Workout Maximizer and Shaklee Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink when purchased together: Shaklee’s Physique is the ideal "after workout" drink - maximizes your ability to produce more lean muscle mass. By optimizing the carb-to-protein ratio for maximum muscle recovery and growth, and by providing lean muscle repair and growth, Physique helps athletes of all types get that extra workout advantage.

Shaklee Performance - is the ideal 'during workout' drink. By providing an optimized electrolyte ration, Performance rehydrates faster than water (for more energy). Plus, its three different kinds of specialized carbohydrates optimize your body's refueling process (for still more energy). Save 20% when you buy Shaklee Physique Workout Maximizerand Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink at: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
New and Improved Carotomax!

Once again, Shaklee has kept in step with the latest science to create the best nutritional supplement available. New and improved CarotoMax now has all six key carotenoids for unsurpassed antioxidant protection for maximum health. To better understand how this exciting new product fits within our current line of dietary supplements, Shaklee has addressed a few frequently asked questions below:

Why did Shaklee change the CarotoMax formula? We changed the formula simply because we wanted CarotoMax to be among the best and most complete multi-carotenoid products on the market. And we have succeeded. Also, we will soon introduce an additional NEW antioxidant supplement that will partner with the new

CarotoMax to provide the most complete and comprehensive antioxidant protection available. The new companion product will be introduced this Fall! What changes did you make to the original CarotoMax formula? First, we added astaxanthin, giving CarotoMax six of the most important carotenoids. Second, we removed the flavonoids quercetin and grapeseed extract, since they will be included in the companion antioxidant supplement coming in Fall 2004. Finally, the small amount of broccoli extract has been removed because it is neither a carotenoid nor a flavonoid.
What is astaxanthin? Commonly found in algae and phytoplankton, astaxanthin is an important carotenoid with superior antioxidant properties. Independent scientific studies have proven that astaxanthin exhibits strong free radical-scavenging activity and protects against oxidative damage of LDL-cholesterol.* And its unique properties are continuing to draw the interest of the science and medical communities.

For more information on the new Carotomax and/or to order it online go to:

Two Promising Studies on Omega-3

Recently two new studies highlight the positive results on children and young adults that come from supplementing with Omega-3 also known as fish oil supplements.

Study #1: Omega-3 vs. Hostility Young adults with a high intake of omega-3 fatty acids may be less prone to hostility, say researchers, and this could in turn reduce their risk of heart attacks. The study is part of evidence suggesting polyunsaturated essential fatty acids may play a role in mental health. Hostility predicts both the development and manifestation of coronary disease, writes a U.S. team in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. They examined the association of dietary omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as fish, with the level of hostility in a sample of 3,581 young adults living in California. Both intake of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) intake were separately associated with lower odds of high hostility, they report.

Study #2: Prenatal Omega-3 vs. Allergies in Children Taking fish oil supplements when pregnant could protect offspring from developing allergies, suggests new research from an Australian team in the December 2003 issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Janet Dunstant and her team examined fish oil supplements and their effects in 40 pregnant women (from 20 weeks gestation to delivery) on the immune response in their infants. All the women had a history of hay fever or asthma, making their children at increased risk of allergies. Another 43 women took an olive oil placebo.

The supplements resulted in significantly higher levels of omega-3 and lower levels of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes of babies born to mothers in the fish oil group.

Source for reports: Whole Foods magazine, April 2004. As mentioned in a previous issue of this newsletter Shaklee does extensive testing on the purity of its Essential Omega-3 Complex--it’s the highest quality, most thoroughly tested Omega-3 you can find. And for a limited time when
you buy one bottle of Essential Omega-3 Complex at the regular price you can get a second one for 50% OFF! That’s a savings of $12.70! For more information or to order online go to:
Nature Bright and Sink Stains

Shaklee’s Nature Bright does more than just brightens clothes as this month’s testimonial attests… “I have a white porcelain sink. When the bottom get discolored, I put a couple of inches of the hottest water in the bottom and pour in about 3-4 tablespoons of Nature Bright, swirl to dissolve a bit and walk away from it. Come back in a couple of hours, drain and rinse. You have the brightest sinks around. Then for the sides that get marks from pans and things, I use the At Ease paste and scrub with a miracle pad. And I love the smell of bubble gum from the at ease, always smelling extra deep, just to remind me that there are no harmful chemicals that could be causing me any lung damage”. --Jan

This month only get a FREE Box of Nature Bright® when you buy one Gallon of Shaklee’s Liquid-L Laundry Detergent. Power Formula Liquid-L® rivals or outperforms the best-selling detergents and stain removers on the market. It’s state-of-the-art formula has a fresh, clean scent and is more effective and more concentrated than ever. Nature Bright® Laundry Brightener – Brightens your laundry; Energize colors and dazzle whites—it’s a gentle, all-fabric, all-natural laundry brightener. Shaklee’s dynamic laundry duo is environmentally-friendly as it takes out the toughest stains and naturally brightens your clothes.
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Gentle Action Cleansing Bar: The Soap for those who can’t use Soap.

There’s a rare sale going on with Shaklee’s Gentle Action Cleansing Bar this month. For those with sensitive-skin, even those who are so sensitive they can’t use soap, this soap-free formula is definitely worth trying. Lots of people with sensitive skin swear by this soap.

Incredibly gentle, it won’t strip away your skins natural emollients and incredibly luxurious, it offers a rich, lathering showering or bathing experience. For a limited time when you buy one Gentle Action Cleansing Bar at the regular price you can get a second bar for 40% OFF. Stock up now!
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Have a great Shaklee month as you enjoy the Olympics and the rest of the summer! And finally Go Gary!! Take Care and Know that We Care, Cindy

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