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In this special New Shaklee Products issue we talk about the importance of antioxidants to combat free radical damage. And we highlight dramatic advances in the area of antioxidant protection with a brand new Shaklee product called FlavoMax, plus a new and improved Shaklee CarotoMax.

As the leading Health and Wellness Company, Shaklee is always on the lookout for new ways to create products that reduce our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. So we’re also excited to announce new Minerelles Nail Lacquers – beautiful and striking new nail colors—and free of ingredients like toluene, formaldehyde and phtaltages found in typical nail polishes. Shaklee has introduced several new Product Packs to make it easier for you to choose the products you need. Plus a money-saving AutoShip promotion to help ensure you never run out of your favorite Shaklee products.

To close we have included links to our daily weblogs. It’s a September issue to truly remember! In this Issue:
~ The Battle Within: Free Radicals vs. Antioxidants
~ New Shaklee Product: FlavoMax
~ New & Improved CarotoMax
~ New Shaklee Product: Minerelles Nail Lacquers
~ New Shaklee Product Packs... New Improved AutoShip
~ Access to Shaklee information... Daily Weblog's information

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The Battle Within: Free Radicals vs. Antioxidants
There’s a battle being waged inside you with significant implications on how you age and the overall quality of your long-term health. In one corner are free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the cells and DNA in our bodies. Free radical damage has been linked to accelerated aging, cataracts, heart disease, many forms of cancer and more. Every day our body’s normal metabolism produces billions of chemical reactions that lead to the creation of free radicals. Stress only increases the amount of free radicals your body produces. Environment factors like the exposure to chemicals and pollutants, even sunlight today, creates more and more free radicals.

In fact, research shows that in today’s modern world an average of 91 industrial chemicals may accumulate in our bodies over a lifetime. In the other corner are antioxidants. Born of powerful nutrients from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage. Antioxidants basically attack free radicals turning them back into normal molecules. To complicate things further, there are different types of antioxidants, each of which combats different types of free radicals. That’s why for optimal health, comprehensive antioxidant protection is critical--you need a full spectrum of antioxidants (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, zinc) in your daily diet.

However, in today’s modern world, with high stress, poor diets, environmental pollutants, and longer life spans, the free radicals are winning. And the antioxidant protection from one’s diet doesn’t cover all your needs. But there is hope and good news. Phytonutrients—specialized compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and plants, especially beneficial new classes called flavonoids and carotenoids—have been discovered to provide the body with powerful antioxidant protection. Now for the first time ever, breaking research in phytonutrient science yields new secrets to achieving maximum antioxidant protection. And only Shaklee brings you this research in two revolutionary new products.
New Shaklee Product: Flavomax
Shaklee has taken antioxidant protection to a new level with the launch of new FlavoMax. FlavoMax uses standardized extracts to guarantee delivery of an unprecedented six key classes of flavonoids. Flavonoids are very potent antioxidants that have been linked to healthy blood circulation, strong capillaries, and veins and overall cardiovascular health. Flavonoids also deliver antioxidant protection to blood and blood-rich tissues, such as the liver and the intestines*.

An apple a day is no longer enough. Eating the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables is important, but the majority of us don’t come close. Also flavonoids are found in plant parts not typically consumed: seeds, peels, flowers, and bark. Finally, the average daily intake of flavonoids is only 20 mg while FlavoMax provides over 300 mg of flavonoids.

And even if you do eat the daily servings of fruits and vegetables every day, you could never get the level of antioxidant potency that’s available to you now through Shaklee supplementation. For instance, Shaklee’s new FlavoMax provides a full-spectrum of flavonoids, combining super-concentrated extracts from blueberry, elderberry, green tea, and grapeseed, among others.

To get same amount of full-spectrum flavonoids from food as you do from FlavoMax would require you to eat the following fruits and vegetables every day: 213 cherries 31 cups of blueberries 27 medium limes 31 cups shredded cabbage 2,355 medium carrots With Flavomax,
Shaklee delivers the most potent form of flavonoids on the market today. For more information on this revolutionary new product go to:

FlavoMax tip: Now you can have a powerful fruit and vegetable drink in an instant. Just take a glass of water, twist open a FlavoMax capsule and pour the contents in, stir – and presto! You’ve got a great tea-like tasting beverage and an easy way to add the rich flavonoids of FlavoMax without swallowing a pill!
New & Improved Multi-Carotenoid CarotoMax
Now, you can get the benefits of six of the most beneficial key carotenoids for even greater anti-oxidant protection with Shaklee’s new and improved CarotoMax. CarotoMax is a powerful antioxidant that contains unique concentrated extracts from tomatoes, microalgae, oil of palm, and marigold, among others. CarotoMax supports a strong immune system, reduces the risks for heart disease, promotes lung health, reduces risks of prostate and cervical cancer, reduces risk of macular degeneration, aids in detoxification of the liver. It helps maintain overall wellness and long-term health of the eyes, heart, skin, lungs, prostate, and cervix*.

One serving of CarotoMax provides the beta carotene equivalency of 125 bananas, the lycopene equivalency of 2,830 apricots, the carotenoid lutein and zeaxanthin content of 162 pink grapefruits, the alpha carotene of 102 cups of raspberries and the carotenoid astaxanthin from one serving of salmon. (Although commonly derived from salmon, Shaklee harvests the carotenoid Astaxanthin from marine microalgae, the purest and most potent source of it).

CarotoMax is especially beneficial for anyone who has age related macular degeneration, a high stress lifestyle, a diet that is not balanced especially lacking in fruits and vegetables, lung problems, are at risk for prostate cancer, cervical dysplasia, have heart problems, are exposed to the sun, or have a family history of cancer.
For more information on CarotoMax and/or to order it online go to:
For the most powerful antioxidant protection you can buy order the FlavoMax and CarotoMax nutrition pack at:
It includes a 30-day supply of both CarotoMax® and new FlavoMax™ to deliver whole-body antioxidant protection. CarotoMax contains the six most important classes of carotenoids, while FlavoMax provides the six key classes of flavonoids.
Combined, they are nature's antioxidant powerhouse, protecting your cells and DNA from free radical attacks*.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.
New Shaklee Product: Minerelles Nail Lacquers New Minerelles™
Nail Lacquer delivers shiny color and maximum durability for beauty without compromise. Minerelles light-reflective nail lacquer puts color, gloss, and shine—without harmful ingredients at your fingertips. Introducing ten long lasting, high-shine nail lacquers in demure to daring shades—including a French manicure combo (Alabaster and Blush Mist). These mineral-based colors are high-gloss and come in a shade range suitable for all occasions.

Minerelles Nail Lacquers are formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, and a class of ingredients called phthalates, often used in other brands. The new Minerelles Nail Lacquer line also introduces a unique dual-purpose protective Base + Top Coat combination that you can apply once as a base to clean dry nails and apply again after the final coat to seal in the color.

You can also use it alone for attractive, shiny nails. How to Apply Minerelles Nail Lacquers for best results: (shake nail colors well before using to ensure uniform nail color) 1) Apply one coat of Base+Top Coat to clean, dry nails to provide a smooth surface to the nail. Allow five minutes to dry. 2) Apply one coat of Minerelles Nail Color. Allow five minutes to dry.

For a deeper shade, apply a second coat of nail color and allow another five minutes to dry. 3) Finish with one coat of Base+Top Coat to seal in and extend the wear of your application, allow five minutes to dry. You can expect at least the same, and more likely, better length of wear before color fading or chipping as you would from your current brand.

Minerelles Nail Lacquers are also compatible with acrylic nails. And of course Minerelles products are not tested on animals. Whether you use nail polish from department stores or the OPI brand preferred by nail specialists, be sure to check out the new Minerelles Nail Lacquers for a natural, high-performance alternative.
For more information on the new Minerelles Nail Lacquers, including a look at the different color shades, go to:
New Shaklee Product Packs... New Improved AutoShip Shaklee has launched several product packages to make it easy for you to order with just one click the products you need for cardio health, digestive health, menopause, women’s health, and even a collection of recommended cleaning and laundry products.
For a complete list of the new Shaklee Product Packs go to:
One of the key Product Packs is called the Essential Foundations which includes a 30-day supply of the Shaklee Basics daily vitamin strip plus a can of Instant or Energizing Soy Protein.

These two products make up Shaklee’s recommended nutritional foundation. They provide the essential building blocks your body needs to build healthy cells and is guaranteed to give you more energy and greater sense of well-being within 30 days or your money back.
When was the last time you received a feel better guarantee! For more information Shaklee’s Essential Foundation Pack go to:

NutritionTip: By ordering the Essential Foundations Nutrition Pack plus the new FlavoMax/Carotomax Powerful Antioxidant Solution Pack you can both build health and protect your health with one of the most complete, clinically tested and proven nutrition programs on the market today.
To make it even easier to order and to ensure you never run out of your favorite Shaklee products, Shaklee has also revamped its AutoShip program. Now you can more easily schedule your Shaklee products to be delivered every month, every two months, every three months or even every year (the latter is especially convenient for those who need to replace their AirSource or BestWater filters every year).

To encourage Shaklee *members* to give AutoShip a try, (become a member here) Shaklee is offering a couple of great specials. Sign up for AutoShip with a minimum of 50PV order now through October 31, 2004 and receive $5 off your next month’s AutoShip order. (PV stands for product volume. Each Shaklee product has PV associated with it – think of PV as bonus points. 50PV is approximately $75 at Member Price depending on products ordered). Maintain AutoShip at a minimum of 50PV for three months and choose one of the following Shaklee products delivered FREE in your fourth month’s AutoShip order: Memory Optimizier CorEnergy Citriboost + Shaklee Whizzer Enfutox Instant Firming Serum ProSante Scalp Treatment And maintain your 50PV AutoShip order for six months and qualify for a free Shaklee renewal.
For complete details on this rewarding and money-saving promotion go to:
Access to Shaklee information... Daily Weblog's information In a effort not to clog your email inbox we have started daily weblog (also called blog) so you may have access to information about whats new in Shaklee.
Since Shaklee has such a diverse line of products and information we have grouped this information into 4 logs.
The Barefoot Blog- A weblog for people who are building Shaklee Business. Get updates on what happening with Shaklee Corp., what is working for other distributors, marketing ideas, special promotions, information on how to build an online business and much more... see at
MGM Supplement Blog- A weblog for people who are interested in learning more about Shaklee Nutritional Products. Get information on what to take for a health issue, testimonies from happy Shaklee supplement users, health information articles and much more... see at
Powercat Blog- A Weblog for the people who are interested in Sports activities and staying fit with the help of Shaklee Sports Nutrition . Get information on Shaklee Sports sponsored athlete's, nutrition testimonies from shaklee customers, and more...see at
Barefoot in the Garden- A weblog for people who are serious about controlling the toxins in their environment. Get information on how Shaklee environmentally safe cleaners are used, testimonies, non-traditional uses from Shaklee household products users, health information about the dangerous chemicals in most cleaning and maintenance products, and much more...see at
I have dedicated a page with links to all of these blogs at
for easy access. It's called "Barefoot Blogs."

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s issue and feel free to contact us with any Shaklee related questions or help with ordering. As your Shaklee distributor we’re here to make your Shaklee experience the very best it can be.
Take Care and Know that We Care, Cindy
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