What will replace Vioxx? in Barefoot News

Did you hear about the breaking health news about Vioxx?
It's a heavily marketed drug for arthritis, being pulled
off the market. Learn about the side effects that caused
Vioxx to be removed and how Shaklee provides safe, natural
alternatives to arthritis sufferers and those in chronic

Fall is here and with it comes new Minerelles colors from
Shaklee, plus seven new Minerelles Gift Sets and two
Enfuselle Bath & Body Gift Sets. The Gift Sets are perfect
for holiday shopping but are only available while supplies

Finally, Shaklee offers some spectacular new savings and
specials for those who sign up for AutoShip. You can get as
much as $85 in incentives by signing up this month. We've
included a complete Q&A overview in this issue. Take a look
at how this incredible program can make ordering your
Shaklee products so much easier and now reward you too!

In This Issue:

Health Alert: Vioxx Pulled From Market; Shaklee to the
NEW Minerelles Fall Colors & Gift Sets
NEW Shaklee Bath & Body Gift Sets
Special October AutoShip Promotion


Health Alert: Vioxx Pulled From Market; Shaklee to the

The Journal of the American Medical Association has linked
the popular and heavily marketed arthritis drug, Vioxx, to
dangerous blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. In
response, the company has pulled the product from the

This popular 5-year old pain medication accounted for 2.5
Billion in sales last year! Vioxx has been prescribed
heavily for arthritic pain complaints. As a Cox-2
inhibitor, it was considered the “safe alternative” to the
use of NSAIDs like Aleve. This is the last in a long line
of pain relief preparations that have turned out to cause
serious health risks.

In 1998 the American Journal of Medicine reported that
approximately 107,000 patients are hospitalized annually
for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-related
gastrointestinal (GI) complications and at least 16,500
NSAID-related deaths occur each year among arthritis
patients alone. (1) This number of deaths is equal to the
number of dead there would be from three jumbo jet plane
crashes a week!

The good news for those suffering from arthritic (or other)
pain is Shaklee’s trio of pain relief products. They work,
they are safe, and they are guaranteed by Shaklee -- the
most-respected supplement manufacturer, bar none!

Shaklee Pain Relief Complex is for the treatment of
arthritic pain. The primary ingredient, Boswellia extract,
has been used in India for a long time to reduce joint
pain. It possesses good anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic,
and analgesic activity. A recent study on patients with
osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee using Boswellia found
decreases in knee pain, increased knee flexion and
increased walking distance. The frequency of swelling in
the knee joint was also decreased. Other studies have also
found it effective for the treatment of chronic and
ulcerative colitis! This product promises to be a great
benefit to those with the arthritic pain. For more
information on Shaklee Pain Relief Complex and/or to order
it online go to: http://www.shaklee.com/product/20667

Shaklee’s Joint and Muscle Pain Cream is a topical cream
that provides quick penetrating relief from the muscle and
joint pain associated with overuse during exercise. The
active ingredient is menthol, which is found in many other
sport rubs. However, Shaklee’s Joint and Muscle Pain cream
has improved on that concept by improving the delivery,
with a patented liposome delivery system. This makes it
fast acting and provides prolonged release! For more
information on this product and/or to order it online go
to: http://www.shaklee.com/product/20669

Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex features the active
ingredient Glucosamine Hydrochloride. The research on
Glucosamine goes back to the early 1980’s and has
demonstrated not just the reduction of symptoms, but also
improvements in the health (and in 25% of cases) the
thickness of articular cartilage! People experience
noticeable results in flexibility in as little as a week!
For more information on Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex
and/or to order it online go to:

For those suffering from the pain and disability of
osteoarthritis, a combination of Joint Health Complex and
the new Pain Relief Complex is recommended. For those who
experience the aches and pains of daily over-activity (like
from prolonged computer usage, or weekend sports
activities) then the Joint and Muscle Pain Cream should be
just what you need!

Dr. Frank M. Painter, D.C.
(1) Am J Med 1998 (Jul 27); 105 (1B): 31S-38S

Stay informed when breaking news hits the press...Read this
article and more at: The Powercat Blog http://powercat.tblog.com


NEW Minerelles Fall Colors & Gift Sets
Shaklee has added the following NEW Colors to the
Minerelles natural, high-performance cosmetic line for

2 new Shimmer Powders; Gossamer and Radiant

2 new Foundation colors; Pecan and Mocha

A new Pressed Powder color called Toast

Almond a new concealer color.

Shaklee also introduces three new lip gloss colors;
Crystalberry, Plum Mystique and Tigereye

2 new Lip Pencils; Nutmeg, Sable

2 new Lipsticks; Crimson Moon and Jeweled Russet

2 new Eyeshadows; Star Sapphire and Emerald Haze

2 new Eye Pencils; Indigo and Malachite

A new and improved Pencil Sharpener!

Shaklee members can find a complimentary copy of the
all-NEW Minerelles color chart, featuring the new
Minerelles Fall Colors and beautiful NEW Minerelles Nail
Lacquers in their Fall 2004 catalog. If you haven’t
received a Fall 2004 catalog or would like to receive one,
give us a call. To order the new Minerelles colors for fall
or to order from the complete line of Minerelles natural
cosmetics go to: http://www.shaklee.com/product/Minerelles

In addition to the Minerelles products with new fall
colors, there are SEVEN NEW Minerelles gift sets designed
to pamper and delight the lucky recipient. Gift Sets

Three NEW Minerelles Nail Lacquers Gift Sets: - A French
Manicure Set; The Best of the Reds Set and a Perfect Pink
Set! Shaklee Science delivers a beautiful range of colors,
with a high gloss finish and without many of the
troublesome ingredients found in most other nail colors.
And colors stay on longer!

NEW Minerelles Lip and Nail Gift Sets – complimentary
colors for the lips and nails featuring Minerelles Lip
Gloss and Minerelles Nail Laquers. Three Gift Sets to
choose from: Golden Glow: Tigereye lip gloss and Smoky
Quartz nail lacquer; Fall Essentials: Plum Mystique lip
gloss and Crystal Mauve nail lacquer; and Holiday Jewels:
Crystalberry lip gloss and Pure Garnet nail lacquer.

NEW Minerelles Smoky Eyes Gift Set – Sultry, smoldering,
seductive eyes are yours with this eyeshadow/pencil
twosome. Wrapped in stylish drawstring pouch. Set contains
one Minerelles Star Sapphire Eyeshadow and one Minerelles
Onyx Eye Pencil.

Shaklee Minerelles Gift Sets are offered for a limited time
only while supplies last - so shop early! For more
information and/or to buy your Minerelles Gift Set today
visit: http://www.shaklee.com/product/MinGiftSets


New Shaklee Bath & Body Gift Sets
To make the gift giving season even more spectacular
Shaklee launches two NEW Enfuselle® Spa Bath and Body Gift
Sets with pure essential oils that have been used to
benefit body, mind and spirit since ancient times.

The Lavender Bath and Body Gift Set: Lavender soothes the
skin, calms the mind, and promotes well-being. The
lavender Shaklee uses is grown in the higher elevations of
Provence, resulting in an exceptionally rounded, aromatic
essential oil.

Grapefruit & Mint Bath & Body Gift Set: Fresh and
uplifting grapefruit harmonizes beautifully with cooling,
clearing mint in both the shower gel and body lotion. The
result is a delightfully bright blend that awakens the

And, for a completely luxurious experience with either Bath
& Body Gift Set, Shaklee infused both the shower gel and
body lotion with chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, calendula
and vitamins A and E. The body lotion is further enhanced
with mango seed butter and beta glucan for sublimely smooth

Each set contains 4 oz. Shower Gel, 4 oz. Body Lotion and
shower puff. Please note these Gift Sets are offered as a
special, limited-edition purchase only, while supplies
last. For more information and/or to order them online go
to: http://www.shaklee.com/product/EnfuselleSpaSets


Special October AutoShip Promotion
Shaklee has launched a big October promotion for AutoShip.
Sign up for AutoShip this month with a $70MN order or more
and you can get as much as $85 in incentives! Below we give
you an overview of this flexible, convenient way to ensure
you receive your favorite Shaklee products each and every
month and how you can save when you sign up this month!

What is AutoShip?
The Shaklee AutoShip Program is a recurring delivery
service that allows you to schedule the Shaklee products
you use every month - or other intervals - to be ordered
when you want them.

What are the benefits of AutoShip?
AutoShip allows you to ensure that you never run out of
your favorite Shaklee products by having the products
automatically delivered direct to your door on a monthly
schedule you set. How many times have you run out of your
favorite Shaklee product in the past and had to go without
for a few days waiting for your next order to arrive? Or
how many times do you pay an additional fee for expedited

AutoShip also saves you time by not having to go online or
call in your Shaklee order every month.
For members who have purchased an AirSource or BestWater
unit, AutoShip offers you the convenience of automatically
ordering and delivering your replacement filter when it
becomes due the following year.

Finally signing up for AutoShip this month only with a
minimum $70 Member Price order now through October 31, 2004
allows you to get as much as $85 back in incentives over
the next six months.

After one month on AutoShip you receive $5 off your next
month’s AutoShip order.

After three months on AutoShip at the $70MN level you get
to choose one of the following Shaklee products delivered
FREE in your fourth month’s AutoShip order:
Memory Optimizier
Citriboost + Shaklee Whizzer
Enfutox Instant Firming Serum
ProSante Scalp Treatment

After six months on the AutoShip program you qualify for a
free Shaklee membership renewal which is a $20 value. If
your membership isn’t up for renewal in March 2005, you
will receive another FREE Shaklee product. For complete
details on this rewarding and money-saving promotion go to:

What features are offered with AutoShip?

With Shaklee AutoShip service you can:

a) View and/or edit your AutoShip at any time - 24/7 at the
Shaklee Member Center at: http://www.shaklee.net/members
b) Create multiple AutoShip orders with one month, two
month, three month or annual shipping cycles. So you can
set up an AutoShip order for your nutrition products every
month, your Shaklee personal care or household cleaning
products every 2-3 months, your BestWater or AirSource
filters every year.
c) Receive an automatic email reminder one week in advance
of your AutoShip processing date
d) Select products as one-time items any time you wish to
ship with next scheduled AutoShip only.
e) Pay for your order when the items ships, helping you to
plan for monthly expenditures in advance.
f) Use phone support from Shaklee Customer Service at
1-800-742-5533 if you can't get online to place your
AutoShip order.

How do I place an AutoShip Order?

It is very easy to place an AutoShip order. Start by
creating your order as if you were going to place a regular
Shaklee order. In other words, don't even think of auto
ship yet.

After you create your order, select "personal" if it's for
you or "resale" if it’s for someone else, and then proceed
to "Save Order and Checkout".

When you get to the checkout screen you’ll have the option
to sign up for AutoShip. Choose to AutoShip your order and
your order will then go into the AutoShip screen where you
will name the AutoShip order, give the AutoShip details
like how often you want it shipped to you, select your
payment method and your done!

If you’re not comfortable ordering online call Shaklee
direct at 1-800-742-5533 to set up your AutoShip order by
phone or feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help

How can I delete an AutoShip order?

Canceling an AutoShip can be done with just two clicks from
the Manage AutoShip page. You should delete or submit any
changes to an AutoShip order at least 24 hours in advance
of the order date -- 48 hours in advance if the order date
falls on a weekend. AutoShip orders scheduled for weekend
days will be processed the Friday before.

Are e-mail confirmations sent on AutoShip orders after

Yes, all product order confirmations are sent via an
automated system, with your order total, including tax,
shipping, carrier info and order tracking number.

Shaklee’s recognizes that people like the convenience of
having their orders sent to them, often with a savings of
time, energy and money. The convenience and peace of mind
are worthwhile considerations. You can sign up for AutoShip
online or by calling Shaklee directly Monday through Friday
at: 1-800-742-5533. For complete details on this rewarding
and money-saving promotion go to:

Thank you once again for choosing Shaklee products and for
choosing us as your Shaklee distributor.

Take Care and Know that We Care,


Barefoot in the Garden

McAsey Enterprises



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