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Tips for GETTING THROUGH FLU SEASON without a Flu Shot!!

Yes, it’s that time of year—usually starting at Halloween
(could it be all that sugar?) and ending around Valentine’s
Day (ditto sugar)—known as flu season. The flu, or
influenza, can be a serious problem—35,000 Americans die
each year from the flu (mostly elderly patients).

Shortage of flu vaccine has been in the news. We do have
three special products in Shaklee to consider having on
hand for flu season. First, make sure you are taking a good
regular regimen of your Shaklee supplements, including Vita

An extra boost for the immune system is the IMMUNE BUILDING
COMPLEX-- truly an advanced nutraceutical—not even vitamins
and minerals (it is made from seeds and flowers!!). This
amazing product prompts the body’s natural production of
interferon and increases the activity of the immune system
cells. We’ve had great results with this product with
people fighting serious health problems. This could be your
flu protection and help you with other things as well.

Shaklee’s DEFEND & RESIST COMPLEX is a combination of
organic Echinacea, black elderberry, larch tree and zinc.
This is not a daily use product--you keep it on hand for
the first sign of symptoms of cold or flu (or really
anything) and then you take it immediately! DR (as we call
it) seems to help kick the problem out before it gets a
chance to get started. You can swallow the tabs, chew them,
suck on them like a lozenge (turns your tongue purple—you
can entertain small children), or make tea from them. Take
six per day for a week. Children may also use DR.

If you feel like an amazingly healthy person (like I
do—I’ve never had a flu shot and have generally been able
to avoid the flu even when exposed), you may want to use
IMMUNITY FORMULA I during flu season instead of a product
like Immune Building Complex. This is a combination of
anti-oxidants and minerals clinically proven to support
your immune system. Some people take one capsule per day
all year— or you could use it for extra protection during
flu season.

Obviously, for your children—good old protein shakes (the
essential amino acids make antibodies), our good, balanced
multi for kids, Ocean Wonders, and chewable Vita C. If
they’ve had to take antibiotics recently, you may also want
the OptiFlora system to re-establish the healthy bacteria
in their GI tract—this step also seems to help keep kids

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Facts about Calcium... Are you getting enough?

Do you experience any of these symptoms:
muscle spasm, leg cramps, joint pain, osteoporosis,
arthritis, PMS, insomnia, irregular heart beat (arrythmia),
headaches and irritability, poor teeth, restlessness,
numbness or tingling in extremeties, backache, menstrual

You may have a Calcium deficiency!

Look at the nutritional benefits that Calcium offers:
helps build stronger bones and teeth, natural tranquilizer,
promotes colon health, builds peak bone mass, prevents
polyps and colon cancer, lowers blood pressure, reduces
lead toxity, regulates hearbeat, protects heart, promotes
resful sleep, essential for clotting of the blood, reduces
PMS symptoms such as bloating, cramps, water retention,
irritiability and moodiness

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Do you know what billionaires are buying?

Answer: Network Marketing Companies
What do they know about an industry
you thought you knew all about?
Warren Buffet just purchased an MLM company. So did Roger
Barnett, managing partner of multi-billion dollar Activated
Holdings, LLC. When asked why he chose network marketing
Mr. Barnett replied..."because it is a business that allows
you to make money and change people's lives at the same
time." And anyone can do it! He believes network marketing
is the greatest business model ever invented and it will
grow more in the next 10 years, than in its entire history

Shaklee's new owner/CEO multi-billionaire Roger Barnett
calls Shaklee
"the crown jewel of the network marketing industry".

Having built three billion-dollar companies already, Mr.
Barnett is totally confident Shaklee will become his next
multi-billion dollar company for several reason

1) We already have the best nutritional products in the
2) We have a 48-year head start.
3) We will enter 50-100 countries. (We are now in only

Shaklee is going global and entering a Perpetual
Momentum phase that will last for years to come!

Right now is the best time to be in the game because
momentum creates leverage and leverage makes all of us
Super Human. learn more!

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