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Welcome to the Barefoot News. With all the front-page news
on the lack of flu shots for the upcoming cold and flu
season, we devote a major portion of this month’s issue to
how you can survive and thrive during the cold and flu
season by keeping your immune system running at optimal

We also share some Shaklee gift ideas for the holidays
including the Shaklee Pink Pack that comes with a special
benefit for women of all ages. Finally, we highlight a
member special on Metabolic Boosting Bites that available
just in time for the holiday party season. We think you’ll
really enjoy this and want to pass it on to ohters.


In This Issue:

~Feature: How to Survive and Thrive During the Cold & Flu
~ Testimonial: Former Health Food Store Owner and RN on
Shaklee and the Immune System
~Three Shaklee Supplements for your Immune System
~Make it a Pink Christmas: Shaklee Gift Ideas for the
~Holiday Special: 20% of Metabolic Boosting Bites

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How to Survive and Thrive During the Cold and Flu Season.

Unless you’ve been living off the “electronic grid” by now
you’ve heard that there’s a shortage of flu vaccines for
the coming cold and flu season. The good news is that your
body has its own defenses against viruses and bacteria, and
that there are a lot of things you can do to stay well. The
following are just some of the proactive steps you can take
to keep colds and flu’s at bay, along with special notes on
how Shaklee can help.

Get plenty of regular rest
8-10 hours for adults is best. The body regenerates and
heals during sleep. A good old-fashioned nap is good for
everyone. Sleep before 10 PM is a deeper, more restful
sleep for most individuals. Children’s bedtime should be
no later than 8-9 PM. They do their growing during sleep
and need more sleep than adults.

Editor Note: For those having trouble sleeping try
Shaklee’s Gentle Sleep Complex. For best results we
recommend dropping three tablets of Gentle Sleep Complex
into hot water and adding some honey, turning it into a hot
tea and sipping it before bed. Creating a nighttime tea
routine is an excellent way to get your rest. In fact,
stress weakens our immune system, while routines overall
help reduce stress!
For more information on Gentle Sleep Complex go to:

Eat plenty of healthy foods, especially fruits and
Cut up fruits and veggies for snacks. During the flu
season especially, make pots of homemade vegetable or
chicken soup with plenty of garlic (nature’s antibiotic),
and organic chicken/beef stock, if possible.

Editor Note: For families who don’t eat a lot fresh fruits
and vegetables especially in the winter months, considering
supplementing with the Shaklee Antioxidant Pack containing
Shaklee’s CarotoMax and Flavomax. Each contains unique
concentrated extracts from literally hundreds of fruits and
vegetables, providing more support to your immune system
than you can get from your diet alone. For more information
on Shaklee’s Powerful Antioxidant Solution go to:

Regular Hand Washing
Regular Hand Washing is important to minimize transferring
germs. Keep hands away from the eyes. Wash hands before
putting ANYTHING in your mouth and after blowing your nose.

Editor Note: Use Shaklee Basic G® Concentrated Germicide to
disinfect the laundry, bathrooms, doorknobs, phones,
computer keyboards, etc. When you disinfect and clean with
Shaklee’s Basic-G, the germs aren’t going to regrow for
about 72 hours. In contrast, germ regrowth with bleach is
about one hour. Also a product like Lysol® is effective
against eight of the most common pathogens, but Basic-G
kills thirty-two different pathogens! Basic G is approved
for hospital use, and is economical too. Just ½ teaspoon of
Basic-G added to 16oz of water in a spray bottle makes for
an effective disinfectant solution you can spray all over
the house. For more information on Shaklee’s Basic-G go to:

Drink plenty of pure water. It’s easy to become dehydrated
in the winter time. Water keeps the toxins flushed out of
our systems. Children need more water and less juice. The
#1 cause of daytime fatigue and fuzzy thinking is
dehydration. Our immune systems require us to be
well-hydrated, so drink at least eight glasses of pure
water a day.

Editor Note: Tap water is often not clean and tastes bad,
and bottled water is expensive not to mention having to lug
the water home. Shaklee’s line of BestWater purifiers can
meet any family budget and provides good, clean, easily
accessible drinking water for pennies a gallon. For more
information on Shaklee’s complete line of BestWater
purifiers go to:

Fresh air The EPA says the air in our homes is worse than
the air outside. In the wintertime we keep windows and
doors closed to keep the cold air out which can exacerbates
the problem of indoor air pollution and the recirculation
of germs and bacteria that come in the house.

Editor Note: Shaklee’s AirSource 3000 dramatically
decreases the presence of all major forms of indoor air
pollution including bacteria, and viruses, etc. Purifies
the air in your home, school or office up to up to 3000 sq.
ft. There’s also the AirSource Mobile unit for just one
room and/or the car. Great for travel, too! For more
information on AirSource go to:

Three Shaklee Supplements to build up your immune system
With all the stress, pollution, germs and bacteria from a
mobile, modern world, keeping your immune system running at
optimal levels is more critical then ever before.
Fortunately Shaklee offers solutions that harness nature in
ways never before achieved, to support, stimulate and
protect your immune system.

Shaklee Immune Building Complex:
Developed by the discoverer of Interferon and extensively
tested by immunologists in Japan, Shaklee Immune Building
Complex contains an exclusive, proprietary blend of natural
plant extracts which has been clinically proven to support
and stimulate the natural immune response process at the
cellular level. Supports and stimulates the immune system,
by increasing the activity of macrophages and inducing
natural interferon production. Optimizes immune response
against environmental irritants and airborne substances (as
with allergies and asthma). Completely safe – no adverse
reactions to these plant extracts ever recorded.For more
information go to:

Shaklee Defend & Resist:
Echinacea has become the most prominent herb used both in
the United States and in Europe. Shaklee’s Defend & Resist
uses Echinacea and three other herbs to activate the immune
system, promote production of white blood cells, enhance
resistance to infection, viral and bacterial, especially
flu and herpes; reduce mucus. Works best when started at
the onset of cold or flu symptoms so take it as soon as
possible when the first “tickle in the throat” appears.
Can be used effectively for up to 10 days at a time. For
more information go to:

Shaklee’s Vita-C Sustained Release 500mg.
Vitamin C’s antioxidant property protects the body against
free radicals. Boosts the immune system, infection
fighter, natural antihistamine, increases the resistance to
ligament and tendon injury. Vitamin C is depleted by
stress such as infections, illness, fatigue, surgery,
anxiety, pollution and extremes in temperature. Shaklee’s
Vitamin C is unique in that it uses natural gums and waxes
to provide a continuous stream of Vitamin C into your
bloodstream over a 24-hour period. For more information on
Vita-C go to:

Shaklee Testimonial: Former Health Food Store Owner and RN
on Shaklee and the Immune System:

“In my experience, as previous owner of two health food
stores, there is nothing like Shaklee nutritional science
to help boost the immune system. It wasn’t until I found
Shaklee products that we were able to truly build our
immune systems.

For the past 14 years, I can say, we are almost never sick;
and we used to take handfuls of “regular” vitamins from our
health food store and were sick A LOT! My own family’s
daily Shaklee choices consist of Shaklee Basics vita
strips, Energizing Soy Protein, CarotoMax, and FlavoMax to
keep the immune system strong.

Our Shaklee Herbal Medicine cabinet contains Formula I,
Defend & Resist (Echinacea and more), Garlic, Sustained
Release Vita C, Herb-lax, Alfalfa, Optiflora
(Acidophilus/Bifidus), and Immune Building Complex to
sustain the immune system during attack. Take MORE Shaklee
is the best advice; it beats getting sick and missing days
or weeks of school or work".
—Janet Witte RN

Janet’s Shaklee recipe if you do get sick…
"Whenever you start to feel crummy, put 2-3 tablespoons of
Shaklee Performance in a cup along with two Shaklee Defend
& Resist tablets. Add boiling water, stir and sip. You’ll
start to feel better right away. Keep drinking this till
you are better. Shaklee Performance replaces vital
electrolytes and Shaklee Defend and Resist soothes the
respiratory system as it strengthens the immune system".

To order Shaklee Performance go to:

To order Shaklee’s Defend and Resist go to:

Make it a Pink Christmas: Shaklee Gift Ideas for the

Shaklee Pink Pack
Shaklee has come up with a wonderful way you can give the
gift of Shaklee to your friends, family and associates,
while at the same time give the gift of hope to women
everywhere. It’s the Shaklee Pink Pack, a collection of
three luminous pink Minerelles cosmetics (Pink Sapphire
Lipstick, Tahiti Pink Lip Gloss and Prisma Pink Nail
Lacquer) all packaged in an attractive mini-tote bag. Plus
with every purchase of the Shaklee Pink Pack, Shaklee will
donate 20% of the net proceeds to benefit Women's Cancer
Research and Education. The Shaklee Pink Pack makes for an
excellent and thoughtful holiday gift.
For more information or to order it online go to:

Enfuselle Skin Care Essentials
Shaklee has carefully selected five Enfuselle products to
cleanse, protect and renew skin like never before, and put
them into an attractive gift box set making it a highly
desirable and ready-to-go holiday gift. The Enfuselle Skin
Care Essentials provides a Cleanser for smooth glowing
skin, a Toner to prevent harmful oxidation reactions, the
revolutionary five-in-one, Time Repair A.M. SPF 15, the
patented skin-activated C+E Repair PM that instantly
softens skin and reverses the visible signs of aging, and
the Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion that provides an instant
moisture surge and continued release for up to six hours.

All products in the Enfuselle Skin Care Essentials contain
clinically proven botanicals, nurturing vitamins A, C, and
E, and other ingredients to soothe and rejuvenate skin,
making it appear smoother, more radiant and younger
looking. Pamper someone special this holiday season with
the Enfuselle Skin Care Essential Package. For more
informationgo to:

Shaklee Home Care Sampler
Make it a “green” Christmas too this year, by introducing
someone on your list to the new Shaklee Home Care Sampler.
Includes five exceptional Shaklee environmentally friendly
cleaning and laundry products that are gentle on the earth
and tough on dirt. Contains a quart of the amazing Basic-H,
an official Earth-Day product and the customized Basic-H
set-up kit that includes all the labels and bottles they’ll
need to do the 1,001 jobs Basic-H® can handle.

The Home Care Sampler also includes Satin Sheen®
Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid for doing dishes by hand.
It removes heavy grease, while being gentle on the hands.
And Basic-D® Dishwashing Concentrate, the leading
phosphate-free dishwashing machine detergent that’s
concentrated, so you use a lot less. For laundry use, the
Home Care Sampler comes with a quart of Liquid-L® Laundry
Concentrate which rivals or outperforms best selling
detergents and stain removers, and Nature Bright® Laundry
Brightener which dazzles whites and brings out the colors.

Together the Shaklee Home Care Sampler provides most
everything a family needs to toss out their highly toxic
cleaners and start anew with a healthier toxic-free home.!
For more information or to order the Shaklee Home Care
Sampler online go to:

AirSource 3000
A great gift for the whole family, the AirSource 3000 has
no equal and has been shown in independent tests to reduce
all three of the major forms of indoor air pollution
including: particles like pollen, dust, smoke and pet
dander; microbes like mold and bacteria, and finally odors
and fumes. Most air purifiers clean only air that passes
through the unit, requiring regular filter maintenance. The
filter-less AirSource 3000 cleans the air in your home up
to 3000 sq. ft and is virtually maintenance free, needing
only a simple module replacement once a year. Comes with a
Three-Year Limited Warranty. To order the AirSource 3000
online go to:

From the Shaklee Pink Pack to the Enfuselle Skin Care
Essentials, the Shaklee Home Care Sampler and the AirSource
3000, there’s a great gift for people on your list. For
other Shaklee gift ideas including a complete line of
Minerelles cosmetic gift sets go to:

Holiday Special:
The Holidays bring lots of tempting goodies and while we
all want to enjoy the food and the festivities, you can
overdo too much of a good thing. For those of you who want
to satisfy your cravings for chocolates and sweets and cut
down on overeating, while at the same time boosting your
metabolism and energy, Shaklee offers a sweet deal. Right
now you can save 20% on Shaklee’s Metabolic Boosting Bites.
Each bite has a rich chocolate taste and is clinically
proven to stimulate metabolism. It’s the perfect way to cut
down on too many sweets over the holidays. For more
information or to take an automatic 20% savings on
Metabolic Boosting Bites go to:


In the spirit of Thanksgiving we want to especially thank
you for choosing Shaklee for your family's wellness needs
and choosing us as your Shaklee distributor. We're so
thankful for having Shaklee in our lives and for being able
to share its life affirming philosophy and products with

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Barefoot in the Garden
McAsey Enterprises

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