Instant Firming Serum outperforms competitor

This question was asked to our manufacturer science team:

One of my customers is asking about an infomercial she saw for a "wrinkle serum" named RECLAIM. An ingredient touted to remove lines and wrinkles is "argireline."

How does the formulation of Instant Firming Serum differ from argireline?

From your science point-of-view, why would someone benefit more from our products than from the RECLAIM products, endorsed by a doctor, Mary Hart of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and other movie stars?

Answer: Argiline is a very good peptide. Instant Firming Serum, however, has Dual Protein Technology (tm). Instant Firming Serum combines the powerful skin improving power of peptides coupled with the immediate benefit of specially processed large proteins that form a skin enhancing film on the skin that provides an instant benefit for most. So you don't have to wait as long for results... The small proteins (peptides) provide increasing long-term benefit while the large proteins provide immediate benefit.

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