Where are you on the Wellness Pyramid?

Do you remember learning in school about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It was shown in the shape of a pyramid and at the bottom were basic physical needs like food, shelter, and clothing, and then it moved up to psychological and emotional fulfillments, and then at the top was the need for self-actualization which dealt with the bigger questions of life like, “Who am I?”.

Well, when it comes to wellness there’s sort of a “Maslow hierachy-like pyramid” too and where you live on this pyramid can have direct implications on the quality of your health and life. Since we’re starting a new year, we thought it was a good time to explore this Wellness hierarchy.

Stage One: ReliefAt the base of the wellness pyramid are people who just want relief. They’ve got some immediate health problem and many want to feel better for the least amount of money, time and effort. They’ll usually take over-the-counter drugs as long as it works fast and they’ll usually stop taking it when they feel better.

For people needing relief, Shaklee offers some very effective, fast-acting relief products like Stress Relief Complex, Pain Relief Complex, Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, Joint Health Complex, CorEnergy (better than coffee without the caffeine for keeping energy up), and Herb-Lax to name just a few.These are natural alternatives to using a drug. For the most part however, people seeking quick relief aren’t ready to get on a good nutrition program to build health and achieve true wellness.

Stage Two: RecoveryThe second stage of the wellness pyramid are people who want to stabilize their health. Usually people living here have no energy; find themselves dragging after lunch or after work. Many also get sick often, and/or feel blue more than they should. They are out of balance with their health in some way and are feeling the effects of it. The focus here is on recovery.

For people in this group Shaklee offers the Essential Foundation Package, our flagship nutrition program that starts to build back health by providing the body with the raw materials it needs--protein, vitamins and minerals--to start building healthy cells. Our Essential Foundation program includes Shaklee Basics and Energizing Protein and comes with a feel better guarantee that says within 30 days you’ll feel noticeably better with more energy and a greater sense of well being. It's a nutrition program for everybody at every stage on the Wellnes Pyramid. For more information on Essential Foundations or to order it online go to: http://essentialfoundation.mcaseyenterprises.com

Stage Three: MaintenancePeople on the third level of the wellness pyramid may be feeling fine, but they have recently been given a health scare like finding out their cholesterol is high, or their blood sugar levels make them pre-diabetic. Or they might have recently decided to lose some weight or become more physically active. Their focus now is on maintaining the health they might have taken for granted up to now
Shaklee provides many solutions to help you maintain your health. There’s Glucose Regulation Complex for helping normalize blood sugar levels and Cholesterol Regulation Complex that does the same for your cholesterol levels. There’s Shaklee DTX for liver health, Joint Health Complex for joint health, and the revolutionary Optiflora system to maintain colon health. For those dealing with weight gain or obesity there’s Shaklee’s Weight Management System, clinically proven to support weight loss and reduce body fat, while retaining lean body mass, even without mandatory calorie restriction, dieting, or menu plans.
Glucose Regulation Complex: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/20649
Cholesterol Regulation Complex: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/20648
Joint Health Complex: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/20668
Liver DTX Complex: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/20616
Optiflora Colon Care System: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/80638
Sports Nutrition: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/SportsNutrition
Weight Management: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/prodWei

Stage Four: PreventionThe fourth level of wellness is inhabited by people who want to keep their good health. The focus here is on prevention. They take Shaklee vitamins not because they feel rundown and lethargic, but because they feel so good and want to keep feeling that way. They are often very aware of their family’s health history and proactive about it. So for instance, if they have heart disease in their family, they’ll use Shaklee’s Cardio Health program as a form of prevention. If they are men over 40 with prostate or breast cancer in their family history, they are more likely to take Shaklee’s Saw Palmetto for prostate health. If they are women, they are more likely to take calcium to help prevent osteoporosis. Regardless of their age, sex, or health, people focused on prevention know the value of taking Shaklee supplements each and every day.

A good Shaklee program for prevention oriented people includes the Essentials Foundations program plus the Shaklee Antioxidant pack which features Shaklee’s FlavoMax and CarotoMax, the most potent antioxidant duo you can buy! These two comprehensive antioxidant products protect your cells and DNA from free radical attacks caused by stress, pollution, and the ravages of modern life. One serving of FlavoMax and CarotoMax is equal to the antioxidant protection of 2,355 medium carrots and more than a thousand other fruits and vegetables. For more information on Shaklee powerful Antioxidant Solution go to: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/59083

Right now when you order the Essential Foundation Nutrition Pack and the Shaklee Antioxidant Solution or your choice of a Health Solutions Pack on Autoship for three months and you'll receive $15 OFF your fourth order plus a FREE Shaklee Sports Bag ($50 Value).For a complete list of Shaklee Health Solution Product Packs go to: http://productpacks.mcaseyenterprises.com

The Pinnacle: Wellness Finally at the pinnacle of the wellness pyramid is the person who wants to be all that they can be--to look and feel their best and live at a peak level of wellness. The focus at the top of the wellness pyramid is Wellness itself. This person eats well, quietly works to live in harmony with nature, is physically active and yes, takes a lot of Shaklee vitamins and food supplements. It’s no accident that some of our best customers are people who are also the healthiest.

People at the top of the wellness pyramid don’t necessarily have more money than the average person, they just choose to direct more of the money they have on achieving and living in wellness.

They want to get the most out of their genetics and make the most of their environment. You’ll find wellness-oriented people not only using Shaklee supplements, but also Shaklee’s non-toxic household cleaners, and naturally sourced personal care products because they know that what goes on their skin goes in their bodies. They drink purified Shaklee BestWater and use an AirSource air purifier to keep the air in their homes the freshest and cleanest it can be. For people at the top of the wellness pyramid, wellness isn’t just a state of mind—it’s a state of being.

In the end, wellness is what Shaklee is all about. As a leading wellness company, Shaklee offers wellness alternatives to typical everyday nutritional, personal care, cleaning and laundry products you’d find in the grocery store, drug store or even the health food store. All made with a point of difference, what we call the Shaklee difference, that you won’t find anywhere else.

For instance, no other company does the level of testing for safety, purity and reliability that Shaklee does on its products. As many as 176 separate tests for purity, freshness, potency, and safety are performed on the raw ingredients for a single product! No other wellness company has more peer-reviewed research papers published in major medical and nutritional scientific periodicals throughout the world.

Now you know why we are so proud to represent this company and all it stands for. We hope you’ll make 2005 your year for wellness. And regardless of where you are on the wellness pyramid, just remember, Shaklee is there for you.

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