7 Factors Important to Women’s Health

Here are notes from Nedra's Sahr's conference call on Women's Health. You can also click below to hear the call. You will find this information VERY interesting and I am sure helpful.

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Nedra Sahr, C.N.S., M.S
Women’s Health
56:41 min

1. Gain energy

2. Reduce stress

3 .Shed 15 pounds

4 Balance hormones – PMS or Menopause

5. Build strong bones ..Prevent osteoporosis

6. Reduce risks of heart disease and breast cancer

7. Look and Feel 15 years younger

Five strategies to achieve the first 3

Replace white flour and white sugar with :
o raw fresh vegetables and fruits
o whole grains ( brown rice)o
o first 3 days … eat raw fresh vegetables and fruits
o drink pure water ( 8 to 10 glasses )
o this detoxifies the liver and blood
o reduces cravings for fast-burning carbohydrates

Eat a protein-centered breakfast plus the Shaklee Basics
Energizing Soy Protein
Slim Plan Gold
Vita Lea Multi vitamin-mineral to nourish all cells
B complex – for your brain and nerves, to burn fat into energy
E normalizes hormones, improves circulation and oxygenates the heart and blood
Vita C – to support the immune system

3. 8 Hours of Sleep
a. research is showing , we gain most creativity and efficiency between the 7th and 8th hour of sleep

4. Exercise 30 minutes/day 7 days a week

or do house cleaning chores that are aerobic ( sweeping, vacuuming, moving furniture, gardening, raking, shoveling, etc)
Park your car so you will walk farther
Set hand weights beside your TV chair and use them when watching television

Stress Relief Tablets
Beta sitosterol, ashwagandha, increase alpha waves , focus and
Some health trivia:…
o At age 10, our health is affected by genetics 80% , by the environment 20%
o At age 30, genetics is a 50% factor in our health
and the environment 50%
o But , by age 50, genetics is responsible for only 20 % of our health .. the environment and our lifestyle choices contributes 80% to our health

o The Average 50 year old weighs 15 to 20 pounds more than they did at 30

Factor #4 Balancing hormones

PMS .. 4 types .. cause primarily –EXCESS ESTROGEN

1.Type A Anxiety .. caused from estrogen too high and progesterone too low
2.Type H Hyper hydration ( fluid retention)
o Caused by excess estrogen, salt and stress
o And magnesium too low
3.Type C Cravings ( chocolate, carbohydrates, sugar , etc)
o Headaches
o Consume 275% more sweets than the average person
o Fatigue
o Excessive insulin
o Blood sugar swings

4.Type D Depression
o Crying, forgetfulness
o Least common
o From DECREASED estrogen and over stressed adrenal glands so they aren’t producing cortisol

How to Decrease Estrogen

1.Shed weight
Estrogen is stored in fat cells. It is supposed to do its work and then leave the body.( via the liver , which dismantles it .. called conjugation) But if we have excessive amounts of fat, it gets stored in the fat cells and continues to stimulate things to grow
2.Decrease fat in the diet.. especially from red meat and dairy
o When fat is only 14% of daily calories, PMS symptoms decline by 79%!
o Fat Inflames
o Inflammatiojn is the root cause of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers and arthritis)
o Only reduce fat to 15% …If women reduce to 10%, they can become despondent or aggressive
o 25 to 30 grams of fat a day is ideal ( Fat Gram Counter book)
o spare ribs contain 67 grams of fat in one serving

3.Reduce quick-release carbohydrates
o this decreases insulin production ( which release insulin growth factor which causes an overproduction of cells)
o eat vegetables, fruits, protein , especially soy

4.Add important nutrients

o Energizing Soy Protein..
Blocks excess estrogen from entering cells by tying up the estrogen receptors
o Shaklee Basics ( B, C, E and Iron

o Super Cal Mag Plus corrects the magnesium deficiency for chocolate cravings

o Optiflora – replaces intestinal flora

o Liver DTX – to sweep away excess estrogen from the body
Take one at breakfast and 2 at dinner .. the liver repairs itself at night when at rest.
Also excellent to help stop acne

GLA – reduces inflammation , balances hormones

Menopause Strategies – to Increase Estrogen Naturally

Energizing Soy Protein – increase estrogen naturally with plant based milder estrogens at the receptors.

Same diet – vegetables, fruits, beans, soy

Vita Lea without iron ( cuz no iron loss)

B,C, Cal Mag, Optiflora, Liver DTX as before

Add Omega 3 Fatty Acids or substitute it for GLA

Mood elevator
Natural anti-inflammatory
3 to 6/ day
great for healing soft tissue injury

Menopause Balancing Complex –
Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Dong Quai, Soy isoflavones
For hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, formication ( sense of insects crawling on your skin)

7 dwarfs of menopause –

itchy bitchy bloated sleepy sweaty
forgetful and psycho

Factor #5 Strong healthy bones – preventing osteoporosis

o 33% of women age 65 have spinal fractures
o keep body alkaline to reduce bone loss ( vegetable –raw and lots of them)
o tubal ligation a risk factor –it interrupts estrogen production
o begin working on strong bones before puberty
o calcium alone won’t do it.. need vit D, K, cal and magnesium, boron, zinc, molybdenum .. all present in super Cal Mag Plus
o Even Vita Lea improves bone density
o Weight bearing exercise
o 18 nutrients are needed for bone health
o supplements recommended:
o SuperCal Mag Plus
o Energizing Soy Protein
o Omega 3 Fatty Acids
o Vita Lea

Factor #6 Reduce risk of heart disease and breast cancer

o Quick release carbohydrates more than double risk of breast cancer
o ( because increased insulin is a cell proliferator .. due to insulin growth factor )
o add antioxidants CarotoMax and FlavoMax
o Omega 3 to the rest of the women’s regime ( Vita Lea, C, B, Optiflora and Cal Mag)
o For breast cancer .. reduce estrogen with soy, Liver DTX , antioxidants ,etc

Factor #7 Look and Feel 15 years younger
o Exercise daily –
o Eliminates toxins
o 8 to 10 glasses water
o Enfuselle anti-aging skin care
o Surround yourself with joyful, healthy people

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