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This month Barefoot News shines its spotlight on children with a new six-page Children’s Health section on the Shaklee website featuring children’s nutrition recommendations for different age groups, product tips and recipes, the Shaklee Difference, testimonials and more. We provide you with a link to this excellent online resource along with some additional thoughts on children’s health in our Shaklee Spotlight feature.

We also pass on suggestions for parents with babies or small children who suffer with eczema, from a mom who had great success using Shaklee products! And our product profile this month is on Shaklee Meal Shakes – the delicious, nutritious shake loved by kids of all "ages".

We finish our special focus on children with news about Project MAHMA, a grassroots organization within Shaklee, to support Moms who want to be able to stay home with their children.

We close this month's issue with a link to current member specials and an update on the the positive results from two recent Shaklee promotions where Shaklee members made a real difference.


In this Issue:
--> Shaklee Spotlight: Children’s Health
--> Suggestions for Babies or Children with Eczema
--> Product Profile: Shaklee Meal Shakes
--> Project MAHMA
--> Making a Difference and Summer Member Specials


Shaklee Spotlight: Children’s Health
Every stage of a child’s development has its own critical nutrition requirements. For instance, did you know that…

75% of brain capacity develops between birth and age three?
By age five, brain development is 90% complete?

85% of children eat fewer than the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Worse still, “most” of those vegetables
are in the form of potatoes (french fries) and tomatoes (ketchup).

Almost all nutrition experts agree that most Americans, including children 2 years and over, should eat more fruits, vegetables, and grain products, while consuming diets that are lower in fat, saturated fatty acids, and dietary cholesterol.

The best ways to increase children’s fruit and vegetable consumption is to act as active role models by eating them yourself, and making a variety of fruits and vegetables available at home.

Because most children are picky eaters and do not get all the nutrients they need from diet alone, you’ll also want to consider supplementing their diet. A well-balanced multivitamin like Shaklee’s Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders or Citriboost is good nutrition insurance for what they don’t get from their diet.

You can find a wealth of additional information including recommended nutrition programs/products for infants, children four to twelve, and teenagers, plus testimonials, recipes and a special offer on a children’s backpack (yes, school is closer than you think!) on Shaklee new Children’s Health section at:

Suggestions for Babies or Children with Eczema
The following suggestions come from Pam Hoeppner, who used Shaklee products to successfully help her son Josh overcome eczema. These suggestions are excerpted and rearranged for clarity from her testimonial in “Healthy Kids”. More information on this booklet and others like it can be found at the end of this section.

Diet: Foods to Avoid
Eggs, dairy, peanut butter, tomatoes, nuts and fried foods should be eliminated or avoided at least until it’s known whether or not some or all of them are affecting the child.

Avoiding Household Chemicals:
Chemicals in detergents can create all kinds of problems. What bed sheets are washed in can aggravate a child’s skin condition and keep him or her up at night coughing and sneezing. Shaklee laundry products and Basic-H are wonderful to use to prevent skin and respiratory conditions in children and adults.

A child with eczema does better if given cool baths, never hot, or even REAL warm. Josh’s skin was ALWAYS cleared up in the spring in Florida when he would get in the pool and the water was 65º. We always thought it was the water, sun or chlorine, and then as it got hotter and hotter in Florida and the temperature of the water got higher; he’d start breaking out again. It was years before we realized it was the temperature of the water.

You can start a bath out with warm or luke warm water and slowly add more and more cold, as cool as the child will allow. We made a game out of it. Josh’s skin responded so well. Cool or cold water brings the pH back to alkaline inside the body. People with eczema are excessively acidic.

Topical Creams:
Another thing we discovered when using a topical cortisone cream, the skin must be totally cleansed between applications or the next one will be ineffective. Meadow Blend Hand and Body Lotion worked great for this. It was gentle on the skin and had a softening effect.

Supplementation Suggestions:
1-2 Shaklee GLA Complex: helps the body to regulate many normal bodily processes.

2-4 Essential Omega-3 Complex: Fish oil supplement that has shown to greatly improve eczema, psoriasis, colitis, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. In general, little children won’t have an aversion to the taste and smell of the fish oil contained in Essential Omega-3 Complex unless the parents react to it. Kids will usually chew them, get the “juice” out of them and spit the jackets out. For small children you can puncture the capsules and drizzle out the fish oil in to food.

Optiflora System: Tiny children only need the capsule 2 or 3 times a week and just ¼ tsp to ½ tsp of the powder. You can put the tiny pearl in mashed baby food or applesauce. The child will often will swallow it without knowing it’s there.

Ed. Note: The above suggestions for babies and children with eczema are excerpted from “Healthy Kids” a booklet of over 100 children’s health success short stories from people using Shaklee products to deal with children’s issues from ADD to Zits. However, please note; it is NOT published by the Shaklee Corporation, nor has it been reviewed or approved by the Shaklee Corporation. You can order your own copy of Healthy Kids or other booklets including testimonial booklets for Men, Women, Pets and Seniors at:

Shaklee Product Profile: Meal Shakes
With 240 calories per serving when mixed with low-fat milk, Shaklee’s Meal Shakes provide a delicious and nutritious alternative to typical soft drinks, other instant breakfast drinks or plain old, chocolate milk.

Kids (and adults) absolutely love the taste and one serving of this easy-to-mix drink provides 45% or more of the daily values from 19 essential vitamins and minerals. Since it’s made by Shaklee, you know it has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.
It’s also low glycemic and kosher certified!

Growing children need lots of protein for building healthy cells and a strong immune system - BUT - they don’t need a lot of fat and cholesterol, and so Meal Shake is an excellent choice.

Meal Shakes taken with a daily serving of Shaklee Ocean Wonders multivitamin or Citriboost powdered multivitamin, makes for a very healthy instant breakfast for growing children.

Meal Shakes are also an ideal low-calorie meal for adults watching their weight, and athletes who want a nutrition-packed meal supplement.

If you haven’t tried Shaklee’s incredible Meal Shakes, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s a taste treat that supercharges any glass of milk into a nutrition powerhouse and packed with the natural good nutrition a body needs and none of the bad artificial stuff! Comes in Bavarian Cocoa or French Vanilla flavors. For more information or to order Meal Shakes online go to:


Project MAHMA
Do you know any Moms who would like to stay home with their kids?
Project MAHMA is a grassroots organization within Shaklee that is all about helping Moms At Home Making A…Difference and a lot of Money! Jude Peskuski a Mom from Texas who started Project MAHMA explains the genesis for the project…

“Shaklee has allowed a lot of us Moms to be at home. But, one of the things that actually caused the birth of Project MAHMA, which we started about 5 months ago…was I realized that the average woman in Texas earns only $400 a week. In another parts of the country it could be $500, but still the average woman does not earn a lot of money.

So I started to figure that if the average woman earned $400 a week and they have 1 child, and they pay for gas and day care, then their actual take home is $200 a week and only $800 a month. And what I thought about in Shaklee, without knowing anything about business and totally being resistant to sales, just being passionate about this company, that in less than 6 months with only 12 hours a week, not 40, but on 12 hours a week, I was able to be home with our children and make more money than that. I made $1200 a month in 6 months.

And so I wanted to get that message out to women because they are very hungry to be home. And what we do is we have conference calls like infomercials on Saturdays where people can come in and hear powerful stories about women who have actually succeeded in not only getting to stay at home but making more money than they did professionally, and in way less time with their Shaklee Business.

It’s like our products are made for Mom’s. For healthy babies, healthy pregnancy, healthy children, healthy families, healthy homes, healthy parents, more energy. It tells a big story fast.”

Today there’s a nationwide coalition of support for Moms At Home Making A… Difference and a lot of Money! Project MAHMA’s national conference calls are scheduled every Saturday from 11:00AM to
11:45AM Eastern Standard Time
Dial-in number: 212-990-8000
Access PIN number is: 6262#

You can also listen to past conference calls archived at:

If you know a Mom who would like to stay at home with their kids instead of having to work outside the home, please pass on this Project MAHMA information. They should also contact us for further information, including how to get started, and available support. We appreciate any and all referrals.


Making A Difference and July FR'EE Membership Special
Shaklee is all about making a positive difference in people’s lives through the use of its wellness products and home business opportunity.

In recent months, Shaklee has used some of it profits to help and support organizations that are making a difference, too. Shaklee donated 10% of profits on the sale of the Minerelles Red and Pink Packs. Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO presented a check for $16,450.98 to the New York Presbyterian Hospital to help with their efforts in helping educate women on Breast Cancer prevention and natural therapies in the treatment of breast cancer, as well as helping infants and children with cardiac conditions

Shaklee also announced a successful conclusion to its drive to celebrate Earth Day month by donating $105,000 in proceeds from the April sales of its Basic-H® Concentrated Organic Cleaner, one of the first biodegradable household cleaning products available in the U.S., to The Green Belt Movement, an organization founded by 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai, who gained international recognition after mobilizing her fellow countrywomen to plant 30 million trees.

“Both Shaklee and The Greenbelt Movement have a longstanding history of making people and the planet a top priority," said Roger Barnett, Shaklee's Chairman and CEO. "Through this donation, we are delighted to support Wangari Maathai's continued leadership and advocacy for the protection of the environment."

When you donate to Shaklee causes, you personally touch the lives of others. We want to thank Shaklee Members who donated to these worthy causes this past year through their purchase of the Minerelles™ Red Pack, the Minerelles Pink Pack or Basic-H Concentrated Organic Cleaner.

July Special... FR'EE Membership!

Join with a 100PV order and your membership is fr'ee. Save $19.95 today and 15% off everyday on all products.

We hope you enjoyed this month's special issue on children.
And we hope you and your family are enjoying the summer!

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