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As you read the November of Barefoot news you will learn how you can have vibrant beauty at any age, and hear a great audio review of the book "Never be sick again." I know this review was a real eye opener for me.

Since it's getting to the time of year that head lice can become a problem with school children I've added a great testimonial on using Shaklee's Basic H to help get rid of those nasty nits.

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--> Be vibrant at any Age- Healthy Beauty
--> Antioxdant Skin Health

--> Never be Sick again Book Review

--> Getting Rid of Head Lice with Basic H -testimonial

Be vibrant at any Age- Healthy Beauty

How can you look your best and keep your skin healthy—especially during the hectic holiday season? Shaklee has a new page just for you take a look:


Antioxdant Skin Health

Did you know that Enfuselle® is the most comprehensive antioxidant skin care program available?

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Never be Sick again... Book Review

This is an awesome book review of the book written by Ramond Frances

click on "Never be Sick Again" down this great audio review

I think after listening to this review (just click on the never be sick again link above) you will have a greater understanding of how sickness and disease starts in the first place. He references in the book that there is only one name for disease "celluar disfunction" of course depending on where the cells disfunction that's where we get the names for the different diseases today.

Another book that is referenced to in this recording is: "Anatomy of an Illness" by Norman Cousins. Listen to this excellent book review today. It's about 45 minutes of power packed information that gives you great insight to illness. [link]
Getting Rid of Head Lice with Basic H testimonial

Written by: Vivian

Many years ago, our granddaughter's school had a terrific outbreak of head lice. She had long beautiful hair. She was taken to the Doctor who gave my grandchild some shampoo to rid her of them and said if this didn't do the trick; the long beautiful hair would have to be cut.

Well the stuff the Dr. gave us didn't work, so I suggested to my daughter to wash her head with Basic H and be very very careful not to get it in her eyes. We wet her hair and then applied Basic H to the wet hair straight, all the time having her hold a towel to her eyes. Then we had her lay back her head in the sink and let it soak for a minute or two. We did this for about a week.

Those lice were gone and Basic H wasn't near as toxic as the stuff the doctor had given us. Order Shaklee's Basic H online visit: http://www.shaklee.net/amcasey/product/00021


Obviously you can see how taking advantage of this information can make a difference how you feel and look. Supplements and top notch skin care are a good start. Excercise and natural healthy foods are key ingredient's also to keeping your body vibrant and healthy at any age.

As we start the busy holiday season in a couple of weeks, take time to relax and enjoy the season. Call me (888-272-6701) if you would like help choosing the right products for you or some gift ideas.

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