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With the Christmas season upon us I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for trusting us as your Shaklee Representatives.

Shaklee has a very nice incentive for people to join as member, and they have done and awesome job of redesigning a new personal care product site. I have added some infomation on building your immunity and what we use at our house when we get sick. Also I share a little secret time saver I use to make my life easier by automaticly having products delivered to my door step.

To end this Barefoot Newsletter for December, (yes it's a little later than usual) is an explanation of how the tradition of the Christmas Tree came about. I was complaining about the time and effort it took to put up our large tree this year and started wondering why we even do it. I did a little research and found out how this tradition got started and then even found down in our pasture what I would call a true "Christmas Tree" and took a picture. Just needs apples..

In this Issue:
--> New Personal Care Site Called "Healthy Beauty"
--> FRE.E Membership with a 100 point order
--> Focus on Immunity
--> Get Well Tea Recipe
--> How the Christmas Tree Tradition Started

New Personal Care Site Called "Healthy Beauty"

I was so impressed when I first looked at this site. Finally a site that reflects the quality and beauty of the natural skin care products that Shaklee offers. There is even a link to the nutrition. It's amazing how good nutrition will change the look and feel of your skin. Healthy Beauty pretty much spells out exactly what you will find at this link:


FREE Membership with a 100 point order

Join Shaklee with a 100 PV order and your membership is fre.e! Save $19.95 today and save 15% everyday on all products. Offer good through January 6th. This is a great way to try some of the Shaklee products you have never tried before and then continue to save on future orders. One nice thing about Shaklee they have over 200 top of the line products to choose from.

I love having many of the items I used to purchase in the grocery store delivered to my doorstep. I have my cleaning products set up on auto delivery so I never run out. If you would like help making your life more convient too, give me a call (888.272.6701) I would be happy to set up your shipments delivered to your doorstep too when you need them.

Get started here:


Focus on Immunity

As this year's flu season continues, the topic of preparedness is once again making headlines. Although health authorities talk of the possibility of a worldwide pandemic, no one is certain how severe this year's flu season will be.

The best advice for anyone who wants to prepare themselves to prevent the flu or to mitigate its effects is to keep your immune system strong, by getting enough rest, eating a nutritious, varied diet, and supplementing wisely. Additionally, a flu shot is recommended for children, people over age 60, and those with compromised immunity.
Please see the following web articles that focus on the flu season and the topic of immunity, and be sure to share this information with your friends.

Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update:

Get Well Tea Recipe

Something we use at our house that works very well when we start feeling "under the weather" is "get well tea." This is one of those home remedies that a long time Shaklee Rep. passed on to us. I can tell you first hand it does make a difference.

To see the get well tea recipe visit:


How the Christmas Tree Tradition Got started

Did you know the history of the Christmas Tree?

Many of our favorite holiday symbols are rooted in myths. For Christmas trees: The pagens get credit for using evergreens, the ancient symbols of life - trees that remained alive in the dead of winter. The tradition of decorating trees appeared in medieval Germany, where part of the celebration of the Feast of Adam and Eve on Dec. 24 featured a Paradise Tree - and evergreen decorated with apples.


It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I know I did this year, but when I look at the picture of this little snow covered tree somehow it brought back the true reason for the season.

May your Christmas be filled with Wonderful Suprises,


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May Good Fortune Be With You.
May Your Guiding Light Be Strong.

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