Welcome to the Barefoot News for January. Along with the fresh new year there are many "first's" happening in Shaklee too. At a recent Shaklee No Limits 2006 Kick -Off, I learned that Shaklee is committed to introducing new products every 6 months along with many other "first's" ...that is a huge commitment knowing the research is done to support a product before it can be labeled with the Shaklee name.

Just suppose you could snap your fingers and get a blockbuster product that would prevent everything, as I'm sure you realize it's not that easy... lots of time and money goes into introducing a new Shaklee product. Gosh if that were possible I would be snapping my fingers for some rain. Here on the farm in KS we are praying for rain. They have even placed our county on a burn ban, something that usually happens only during the summer months in KS. Our last moisture was about a week before Christmas and it came in a beautiful snow so it's time for more moisture.. big time!

As we round out this months news, I share with you a little secret how to get a discount on one of Shaklee's most popular immune builder products. By the way if you aren't taking this product you owe it to yourself to check it out...Learn more about Nutriferon Here
In this Issue:
--> New Shaklee Products
--> Shaklee Celebrates 50 Years in Business
--> New Shaklee Promotion- Order 50PV in products and get a membership free
--> How to get 10% off of your favorite Immune Builder "Nutriferon"
New Shaklee Products
OsteoMatrix Dietary Supplement
Introducing the Clinically Proven, More Complete Bone Health Formula that’s Easy to Swallow You need more than just calcium to build strong bones. OsteoMatrix provides a unique matrix of critical nutrients including calcium, vitamins D and K, magnesium, and more to build and maintain strong bones. OsteoMatrix is clinically proven to increase calcium absorption. Plus, its small, coated caplets are easy to swallow.
OsteoMatrix Dietary Supplement
#20681 120 caplets/30 servings
SRP: $16.45 MN: $14.00 PV: 10.95
#20682 360 caplets/90 servings
SRP: $40.75 MN: $34.65 PV: 27.15
Introducing the New Standard in Purity and Full-Spectrum Potency
Protect your heart safely with OmegaGuard, the world’s finest, ultra-pure, pharmaceutical grade fish oil. This Shaklee formula offers a full spectrum of seven omega-3 fatty acids including EPA, DHA, ALA, and more to help you maintain a healthy heart† and cardiovascular system.*

OmegaGuard Dietary Supplement
#20244 90 softgels/30 servings
SRP: $29.95 MN: $25.45 PV: 19.95
† Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. (See nutrition information for total fat and saturated fat content.)
VitalMag Mineral Supplement
Introducing the Gel-Diffusion Delivery System for Magnesium Delivered Slow and Easy
Magnesium is vital for maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, supporting a steady heart rhythm, and helping to retain normal blood pressure. With its special Gel-Diffusion delivery system, VitalMag slowly releases nutrients into your system, which helps prevent gastrointestinal upset commonly associated with other magnesium supplements.

VitalMag Mineral Supplement
#20683 30 tablets/30 servings
SRP: $11.70 MN: $9.95 PV: 7.80
Shaklee Celebrates 50 years in Business!
Just Like Walt Disney theme Parks, Shaklee is also sharing majic dreams with a one of a kind celebration. In fact the have put together a one of a kind website just to find out about this wonderful fun event. Take a look at: http://www.shaklee50th.com
New Shaklee Promotion
This is one of those once in a lifetime promotions that Shaklee is offering as a way to celebrate it's 50th!
This is a great time to take advantage of becoming a Shaklee member. There are so many benefits to being a Shaklee member besides the biggest reason people become Shaklee members. (to get their favorite Shaklee products at 15% off) Take a look at the member benefits at www.mattmcasey.com

All you have to do to become a member and receive a fre.e membership is go shopping and add products to your cart. As you add products you will notice that it will automatically tally up your PV for you so once you reach the magical 50 PV.. just go to check out and click on the link that says become a member and you will automatically be given a discount. Start your order online here
How to get 10% off of your favorite Immune Builder Nutriferion

For Members only: You will receive 10% off Nutriferon when you include it on your autoshipment (no limited amount or time). Autoshipments can be set up to your preference...monthly, bimonthly, or whatever time frame you desire.You can also change them each time if needed. Register for autoship by going online at:www.shaklee.net/members or by calling Shaklee Customer Service 1-800-742-5533

We hope that more moisture will come our way soon, so we may have a wonderful garden with lots of fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers. If you ever have any Shaklee related questions please don't hesitate to call me at 888.272.6701. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service.
Cindy McAsey
Barefoot in the Garden

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