Secret Natural Hair Care System...corrects the cause of unhealthy hair!

What most hair care products don’t address is the underlying cause of unhealthy hair.They don’t treat the scalp! Our hair care products treat the cause not just the symptoms with a nutrient-rich scalp treatment.
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Above & Beyond Treatment for Above & Beyond Results
This never-before and altogether new treatment includes 10 powerful vitamins, minerals, and herbs uniquely formulated to create an environment for optimal hair growth and health. Its residue-free formula is clinically proven to strengthen hair and thicken by reducing hair loss during combing. Soothes scalp irritation and protects scalp's natural, healthful oil/moisture balance for healthier hair growth. Nourishing Scalp Treatment can be used daily on wet or dry hair.

Two natural shampoo's work as a team to provide both gentle and deep cleansing while protecting hair’s natural moisture balance.
Purifying Shampoo - Make Every Day a Great Hair Day
Styling products, mineral buildup, and other environmental pollutants all leave residue that can weigh down hair, making it look lifeless and limp. Purifying Shampoo deep cleans, removing unwelcome residue without stripping away color or over-drying hair. It maintains your natural lipid and moisture balance so hair stays flake free. Clinically proven safe for all hair types, including chemical and/or color-treated hair.

Revitalizing Shampoo - Everyday Healthy Hair Shampoo
Features an extremely mild, patent-pending cleansing system based on plant-derived ingredients, including corn and coconut. Lifts dirt, oils, and pollutants without irritating the scalp. Maintains hair's natural pH and oil/moisture balance strength, shine, and resilience.

Two natural conditioner's provide both light and intensive conditioning to restore shine, strength, and volume.
Lightweight Conditioner - Gentle Volumizing Conditioner
Uses pure plant-derived ingredients to help volumize and strengthen hair. Enriched formula features panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and wheat amino acids to moisturize hair thoroughly and rebuild the hair cuticle. Immediately, your hair looks and feels weightless, manageable, and volumized.

Replenishing Conditioner - Shiny, Silky, and Soft
If these aren't the words you're using to describe your hair, this is the conditioner to try. With its concentrated moisturizing ingredients, it provides hair with the intense shine and softness you've been missing. It also repairs surface damage and mends split ends for a silky smooth effect. Using nature-based protein and humectants, it further strengthens so it maintains its good health longer.

Finishing Spray - Long-Lasting, Touchable Control Has a medium hold for a natural and lasting style. Long-Lasting Finishing Spray also boosts shine and luster, strengthens hair, and protects it from environmental and UV damage.
When used as a Complete Secret Natural Hair Care System, these products provide clinically proven results that increase with continued use.

What’s in it?

At the heart of our natural hair system is Secret Scalp Health , an exclusive blend of 10 vitamins, minerals and herbs in a complete complex designed to comprehensively counter balance the potential stressors that can interfere with normal, healthy hair follicles. This unique complex features:

Vitamin B – normalizes sebum production
Ginseng Extract – provides essential energy
Green Tea Extract – powerful free radical scavenger
Saw Palmetto Extract – normalizes sebum production
Swertia Extract – promotes blood circulation
Tea Tree Leaf Oil – supports microbial balance and helps prevent flaking
Panthenol – strengthens hair against breakage
Essential Minerals Copper, Manganese, Zinc- neutralizes free radicals
Dipotassium Glycyrrthizate (Soothing agent naturally derived from licorice)- sooths scalp irritation
Zinc PCA – Helps prevent excess sebum production and moisturizes the scalp and hair
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Do you have specific hair conditions that you haven't seen addressed here? Talk to a licensed cosmetologist for a personal hair consultation, to find out if natural products are right for you call 888-272-6701.

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A little goes a long way with our natural hair care products... 10 ounces of our product is like 20 ounces of most store bought brands. LEARN MORE

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