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In the next few minutes you are going to learn nothing matters more than your health and each of us has to take our own responsibility for our health. I've packed this issue of Barefoot New's with some very educational recordings and eye opening comments stemed from the book, " But my doctor said..".

Are you begining to notice some changes in email delivery? It has been quite a month in the online world. Do you know what Yahoo and AOL think they are going to do to combat spa.m? Well I've got the inside scoop on it.

We still are praying for rain in KS, the days are getting longer, and our dogs keep tangling with skunks. Life is pretty much as usual for this time of year on the farm. We are so thankful to have our health and wonderful people like you that trust us as your connection to Shaklee.
In this Issue:

---> Shaklee Products Talks Recordings
---> " But my Doctor said..." book

---> Yahoo and AOL solution.. yea right!

---> Heart Health Information in Newsweek

---> New Website about Immune Health
What you should know more about Shaklee Products awesome recordings..

A huge thanks to Barb Lagoni and her guests and partners for these wonderful product calls that get archived for about six weeks at www.shakword.com by webmaster Paul Weinrich. You can listen free for six weeks! You can order any of them at any time as a tape or CD as well...and when you buy 25, the cost per unit goes down 50%. Below this lineup are notes from Barb. Click on these links to listen while they're still active. Start with the oldest ones.
Ellie Cullen, R. N. * Auto-Immune Diseases 49:03 min
02/07/06 Cal and Carolyn Richert How to be the Happy Parent of a Toddler 39:13 min
01/31/06 Dr. Sandra Bevacqua** Preparation For And Recovery From Surgery 58:53 min
01/24/06 Dave Mulvain Shaklee Herbal Products part 62:09 min
01/17/06 Dr. Sandra Bevacqua Reducing PMS Symptoms 57:18 min
01/10/06 Ellie Cullen, R.N. Diabetes 58:22 min

*Tuesday night's Product Talks featured Ellie Cullen, RN of Your Future Health Blood Testing on auto-Immune Diseases.

**Hear Dr Sandy BEvacqua give some excellent information for anyone facing surgery

"But my doctor said..." book

Barbara Lagoni a nutritionist, reviewed this book a few weeks back on a conference call. The book is called "But my doctor said..." by Raymond Francis, M.Sc.This book helps explain why doctors prescribe so many drugs and why they don't build health. He said there is only one cause of sickness - (unhealthy cells).

The current issue (Feb.) of "Alternative Medicine" has a one page article about the huge increase in drugs and they call it the "RX Generation" In 1993 the average American filled 3 prescriptions a year, by 2004 that jumped to 12.

Some of the things Barbara mentioned were:

One needs to increase fiber as well as taking Herb-Lax. We need to work on solving the problem not mask (or have surgery) to get rid of the symptom. Surgery is so permanent. So why not try natural products (created and worked very well before drugs came along). If natural doesn't correct the problem, then they can have the surgery. People need to take responsibility for their own health.

Before surgery, one needs to take control by asking the doctor lots and lots and lots of questions. A second opinion is also wise (doctors expect smart patients to get a second opinion.)

Yahoo and AOL solution... whatever..
Here is the low down on what is actually happening from the CEO of Veretekk Tom Prendergast. Veretekk is one of the system's I use in our business online. He has gotten to the bottom of what is really happening.. I saw an article in our local Sunday newspaper about Yahoo and AOL starting to charge a quarter cent for email delivery then I discovered this article...

I am the CEO of Inetekk.com, Inc. I run a large subscription system called Veretekk. We have over 25,000 subscribers and for years we have recommended that our subscribers use Yahoo as a forwarding email account for their incoming email verifications, and correspondence. We did this instead of offering everyone POP or web accounts for ease and economy.

Until four months ago every one of our subscribers were receiving all their email within seconds. Then the customer support issues started to spike around October 2005. Our subscribers were upset. They claimed our system wasn't sending email to their accounts, or our email was arriving in hours instead of seconds. Or the next day. Or not at all. It was sporadic and it made us look like our email system was unreliable.

I called Yahoo to ask if they had blacklisted our servers. They said no, there is not an issue. I started thinking we had server issues. So I started testing everyone’s account with my own separate mail server called wavefour.com.

I have been on the Internet since the first days all the way back to 1991. Our Inetekk system for Veretekk has hundreds of servers located in San Jose, CA. My wavefour mail server is hosted with communitech in Florida and has no filters on it what so ever. Every time I would set up a special testing wavefour pop account for one of my subscribers, they would call back and say, wow, I am now getting all my email in less than a second.

The complaints from our subscribers was escalating. Curiously we started getting the same complaints from our AOL subscribers. All of a sudden they had the same issues with mail delivery. I started handing out wavefour pop accounts like crazy and got the same response. Wow, I am now getting all my email within seconds. So I called AOL and they said the same thing we weren't blocked.

About a month ago I heard that Yahoo and AOL had started using gray listing. This is something real small ISPs use, but the big guys don't. All my colleges were wondering hwat in the world would big mail services like Yahoo would be doing that for.

Gray listing blocks or defers ISPs that are detected sending large volumes of email. And we definitely fit that category.

Well.....we all now know why these two obnoxious giants were doing this for the last four months. The did this to raise support issues with our clients in hopes of raising our frustration levels to a point were we would just roll over and pay Yahoo and AOL for the privilege of sending email to our clients using their services.

Think again AOL and Yahoo. Our clients are dropping their accounts with you left and right. Soon someone is going to offer real email pop accounts for free. I say it is about time. AOL and Yahoo are symptomatic of large monopolistic disconnected greedy corporations that have forgotten that it is the customer that pays their bills.
Thomas Prendergast
http://inetekk.com, Inc.

Cindy's note: So what does this mean to you and me the little guy using the net to communicate? It means eventually if you have an email account with yahoo or AOL the email you see won't be nessarily what you want to see... Most of it will be coming from bulk mailers and spamers that are willing to pay to have your mail delivered, but the mail you want to get may be filtered out. I feel they plan to deliver the mail that someone pays them to deliver first. Guess what... the spamers will pay, because they are making money doing it otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it.

The spamers take advantage of the newbies to the net that read all of that junk that gets past the spam filters. Personally I'm to the point that I just want all the mail not just what some ISP or email company decides I should get. Gosh, I thought I left politics when I left my last JOB!
Newsweek Heart Health information

Click here to visit Newsweek.com and read important national coverage supporting the use of nutritional supplements, especially our new OmegaGuard™ and OsteoMatrix™ products!


New Website about Immune Health

As word spreads about NutriFeron, consumers will have access to new information on the World Wide Web that will help them learn about the role interferon plays in strengthening the body's natural defense systems.

Hosted by the Center for Immune Research, www.immunityfacts.com provides a wealth of information about the functioning of the immune system and features new findings from a national survey on immune health. In addition, Shaklee has updated www.nutriferon.com with new facts about this important breakthrough in immune protection.


It's quite obvious that I'm passionate about life long health, lifestyle and giving you the inside scoop of what is really happening on the net.

Until next month Take Care and know that We Care,


Barefoot in the Garden
McAsey Enterprises

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