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I've had a challanging last few weeks my internet connection has been in and out. I love living in the boonies, but when it comes to dealing with technology it stinks! I just thankful I'm back up and running.

This month of the Barefoot News I have compiled some wonderful testimonials from people using Shaklee products. It's amazing how differently we live. At our house our cat's have never even been to the vets much less would I know what their red blood count is. I am threating to take our tom cat in, but it won't be to check his red blood count!! He can't leave the other cats alone.

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In this Issue:

---> Children's Health Experience: B-Complex helps Bedwetting
---> Womens Health Experience: Monthly Cramps
---> Men's Health Experience: Heart Attack
---> Pets Health Experience: Cat's Red Blood Count Raised
---> Announcing.. Earn while you Learn Program
---> Technology's Kitchen Table
Children's Health Experience:
B-Complex helps Bedwetting
Reported by Janet White

The only thing this family did for their 10 year old son who is a bed wetter (usually every night) was to add Shaklee B Complex 1- 3 times a day.

"The B-Complex appears to be working. My son has only gone twice since we last spoke. It was two nights in a row after he forgot to take the afternoon dose. He had been drinking pop in the evening, as well , which he normally doesn't do. I haven't had any problems with side affects. My daughter will be 12 and my son will be 10 this coming Fall. It has been the first time in our lives that I haven't had to deal with sheets on a daily basis! She quit on her own around 10 , but I knew my son was going to need some extra help.
Thank you for making my life so mush easier! THANKS! I still can't believe that a basic vitamin, like Shaklee’s B-Complex could make such a difference.
"Jordan is excited about going to summer camp."
Womens Health Experience:
Monthly Cramps
By Michelle Stanley

Here is my testimony about B-complex from Shaklee.

Here is to all women who suffer every month due to their periods! I started taking B-complex on Kristelle's recommendation to help with monthly cramps. Her testimony was so great that I thought that if I see only partial results from taking this supplement, it would be worth it. It is more than worth it.

Every month when my period came, I had terrible cramps, severe mood swings, and frequent need for the bathroom (immediate need!!) I dealt with it for many years (as do all women) figuring that it came with the territory. My cramps were not debilitating but I was a devoted Advil taker (usually 9 a day). My husband realized my "addiction" to Advil and would wake me up with a glass of water and 3 Advil on those bad mornings!

I started taking 6 B-complex a day last April. My next period I noticed a change. The cramps were barely there and my mood swings were not a severe. Every month thereafter have been remarkably better than the last. My immediate need for the bathroom isn't present anymore. (thankfully!) I no longer buy Advil by the fact I don't need it at all. If you experience these monthly symptoms try this amazing vitamin. I swear by it.

Men's Health Experience:
Heart Attack
By: Robert F

Labor Day, 1979, I was taken to the hospital having suffered a massive heart attack. For the first eight days, I was not even allowed to turn over on my own. In the next few days I was told I was improving, but I felt I was having strange reactions from some of the medications. I asked my doctor if he could cut back on the amounts of medication. The doctor said no as he couldn't do that. I told him I did not like what it was doing to my mind.
Four days later I left the hospital. On the second night after I came home, I had an experience that I’ll never forget. It was like I was on a trip on L.S.D. The next morning, when I found out that I was still alive, I picked up all the medications I was taking and placed them all in a wastebasket. I then called my friend, who had tried so hard to get me to take Shaklee before I had my heart attack, and told him to bring anything he thought might help me.
He brought Instant Protein, Vita-Lea, Vita-E, Vita-C, Alfalfa and Lecithin. If it didn't help and I died, okay. But, no way could I take a chance on losing my mind. For the next three to four months, I felt better. Even my arthritis was no longer bothering me. I have not taken any drugs in the last 12 years and at age 83, I feel better and know I am healthier than I was at 60. I take all the Shaklee products. When the Science Department at Shaklee produces another one, I just add it to my diet. I also take Lecithin 5-6 per day in order to keep my mind alert. ………..Robert F

Shaklee Products Used:Vita-Lea, Instant Protein, Vita-E, Vita-C SR, Lecithin and all the others.
Pets Health Experience:
Cat's Red Blood Count Raised
Reported By: Sandi S

The average red blood count for a cat is 45. My kitty's was 12, just a few points shy of needing a blood transfusion. I started him on 1 tsp. of Shaklee's Liqui-Lea every 2-3 hours. Within 36 hours, his blood count was up to 16. After 3 days, it was up to 39. A week later he was back to normal, eating well and playful. Thank you, Shaklee, for helping save his life. Sandi Siler

Editors Note: This information is not intended to replace medical care. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. This report is not to be used as a substitute for appropriate medical care and consultation, nor should any information in it be interpreted as prescriptive. Any persons who suspect they have a medical challenge should consult their physicians/pediatricians for guidance and proper treatment.

Earn while you Learn Program

An added benefit that we offer to our Shaklee members is an easy way to learn more about better health for you and those you care about through the internet.

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5. The first week’s material must include the following:
a. Healthy Home Plan
b. What’s Different About Us
c. Toxic Brew Movie
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6. The remaining 18 presentations may be selected freely from among the
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Technology's Kitchen Table

To me Online Conferencing is like the kitchen table of today. I remember people stopping by to visit at our house and we would always sit at the kitchen table. Did you know you can have access to your own 2 chair kitchen table on the net for fre.e? Yes it's one of the great services I have found in my many ventures on the net.

Take a look at:
They even have live online training to teach you how to use it.


Oh yes... I did want to ask you if you saw "The Secret" yet? I had mentioned it in my last Barefoot news. Gosh it's an awesome movie and it can change your whole outlook on life.
Just in case you missed it here is the link again . We have had many discussions about this in my Barefoot Business Conference Centre. Stop by someday just to say hi if nothing else. It's really kind of like sitting around the kitchen table and talking. I really am greatful for today's technology even though I get very frustrated when it's not working.

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