Cosmetologist Talks about Calming Lotion


This is an awesome testimony about our Natural Skin Care Products that I thought you would enjoy

By Fran Bennett-Young
I am a Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist. I have now implemented using the Purifying Toner and Calming Lotion with my clients after a Facial waxing.

I have male and female clients who get their eyebrows, face, lips and chins
waxed. Furthermore, anytime this is done, the face usually has a reddness that
stays with them until they get home and a few hours afterwards. Also, they
experience bumps, swelling, and sometimes a little tenderness and soreness.

I had previously used a cooling gel from the shop that works at cooling the
skin afterwards, but that's all it does. So I tried the Purifying Toner and
then the Calming Lotion. Are you ready for this: It not only kept the face
from flaming, bumping and swelling, but before the client even left the salon
the reddness was gone. You would never have known they had a waxing done.

Most males definitely don't want anyone to know they are getting their brows
cleaned up, and women don't want the world to know, they are getting their
faces waxed. Now, not a soul would even guess they'd had it done. The Calming
Complex took care of everything. I now use the Calming Complex for all my
clients, not just the Rosacea clients.

Just another positive product from Shaklee Distributors!!!!!!
Pass this on to all the Hair Stylists Cosmetologists that you know. Have
them read this email so that they can implement this into their routine and make
a difference for their clients who trust them.

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