Are you an Enemy to Your Hair?

Many times your hair suffers damage due to poor diet and nutrition, chemical-processing (dying, curling, straightening) heat-styling (blowers. curlers, irons), plus ever increasing stresses and time constraints.

Vulnerable, weakened, unhealthy hair begins with a vulnerable, weakened scalp! Just like your internal body can get out of balance, so can the thin layer of skin on your head. Poor diet, pollutants in air and water, and the stresses of everyday life affect your scalp. Added to that is significant hair and scalp damage do to chemical processing, heat styling and exposure to UV rays. These unique stresses are even more damaging to your scalp than those that harm your skin on the rest of your body.

Nourishing your hair and scalp is also complicated by the needs of different hair types, seasonal and weather changes, not to mention the damage your hair endures when you style it.

Most folks try to solve their problems by purchasing multiple hair care products to address different issues, without success. There are products for hair that is thin, thick, straight, curly, dry or oily, hair that’s permed, has split ends or breaks easily, products that thicken, add body, curl, uncurl, shine, strengthened, strip the oil, slick it down, hold it in place etc., etc., etc. While these products treat symptoms... many times they don't get to the root of the issue. YOU!

What most hair care products don’t address is the underlying cause of unhealthy hair.
They don’t treat the scalp or the inside of the body that feeds the scalp.

Take it from a Cosmetologist... once the hair folicle is out of your scalp treat it with care, cause there is only so much you can do to improve the look and lusture.

So lets start inside, what do you do to have healther vibrant hair that naturally glistens?

Start putting good stuff in your body. Take 3 minutes and watch this short video OK?

Now you know you need to start inside, lets talk about what we can do to improve the nutrients at the scalp and take care of the precious hair that everyone sees. Take a look at the results you can expect to get when you start using our natural hair care products. LOOK HERE FOR HAIR GROWTH RESULTS

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Cindy McAsey
Barefoot in the Garden

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