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Our Secret Manufacturer has a 50 year history dedicated to the development and marketing of safe and effective products, but in fact, safety is there first consideration in development of all products. As caretakers of scientific integrity and guardians of product safety, Shaklee scientists are charged with making product ingredient decisions using safety as a strategic and critical decision driver.

One of the reasons I feel compeled to write about this today is the recent news of the slip up from current FDA inspections in peanut factories. You would think if it's regulated by the FDA it would be safe right? Well if you have seen the news reports you know over 15 people have died and many more are very sick.

In this short video Cindy Lathum explains why you can feel safe using Shaklee Products.

Fundamentally, Shaklee Scientists are the architects and advocates for Shaklee’s commitment to health and safety for each and every product and program marketed by Shaklee. Their scientific team made up of Health Sciences, Research, and Product Development, with the help of our Scientific Advisory Board members, evaluates published scientific literature, evidence-based reports, and the known pharmacology of potential ingredients in order to evaluate the safety of dietary supplement product concepts. Next, they identify optimal ingredient sources, dosage levels, and delivery forms to further ensure product safety and efficacy.

Finally they conduct usage trials and controlled scientific research studies to help establish product safety. And of course, they conduct post market surveillance to monitor for potential adverse events and potential safety issues.

Shaklee has worked hard to earn consumers’ trust by conducting due diligence and emphasizing consumer safety first, avoiding potentially unsafe ingredients, and continuing to champion solid scientifically backed product choices rather than risky trends.

In the May 2004 issue of Consumer Reports magazine, "Dangerous Supplements," 12 ingredients in dietary supplements were targeted as unsafe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. And it should come as no surprise that Shaklee has never used any of these potentially unsafe ingredients in any of our dietary supplements at any time, in any market.

Shaklee nutritional product safety is a direct result of their commitment to scientific integrity, our mission of developing products designed and tested to meet real world needs, and their technology that enables them to predictably build safety directly into each and every product, time after time. Shaklee products consistently measure up to the highest safety standards and they are proud to stand behind the very safest science-based products in the business with a 100% money back guarantee.

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