Do you think wrinkles are cute?

Wrinkles may be cute for puppies, but I would rather have Younger Looking Smooth Skin, wouldn't you?

In just 3 minutes twice a day in 28 day's we will guarantee your skin will look and feel younger or your money back.

Yes this is a very bold statement. I gotta tell ya though I'm living proof that it flat out works.

Finding the right skin care regime is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It can you cost hundreds of dollars and countless different combinations of products.

But with Shaklee's Nutrition Therapy Skincare System, putting your "best face forward" is easier than ever. Shaklee's 50+ years of scientific research has taken the guess work out of finding great skin care products.

If you have followed my posts on this blog, it shouldn't suprise you.. the same vitamins and minerals you derive from healthy foods that keep you feeling great are the same things that create healthy skin that is radiant and glowing.

Everyone wants the appearance of flawless skin-- without having to apply so much makeup that you look like you're on the set of a feature film, and Shaklee's skin care products will give you the skin friends and family will ask the secret of, and strangers will envy!

Shaklee's Nutrition Therapy Skincare System is available in 2 formulas, normal/dry and normal/oily. The simple 3 step system is so easy to use you'll marvel at how simple your journey to beautiful is, and how soon you'll see results.

In fact, Shaklee's clinical studies found that those using their skincare system experienced a significant evening out of their skin tone in just 84 days and a 46% increase in moisture in just 56 days. Even-toned, well-balanced skin is beautiful, soft, and the perfect combination of suppleness and firmness.

For those with wrinkles on their mind (and maybe some on their foreheads and around their eyes and mouth), skin resilience and firmness increased 665% in just 28 days. This means that in less than one month you'll have begun to detect very noticeable changes in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. How's that for results?

The three steps of the Shaklee Skincare System are: cleanse, neutralize, and repair. After washing your face gently with warm water and cleanser and patting it dry, toning your skin will further clean and neutralize it. In the morning you'll use Time Repair AM to moisturize, while in the evening you'll use C+E Repair PM.

These 3 steps are only the beginning of the system's offerings for your skin. From Enfuselle moisturizer for a little extra moisture, to Refining Polisher for targeted treatment a few times a week, Shaklee offers the future of skincare conveniently in a box.

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