Testimony: Piliot's Eyesight Improves with good Nutrition

I just had to share this great testimony on Vitalizer. I’ve removed all personal information for obvious privacy/security reasons. I love the fact that Vitalizer is helping folks in our military!

As you know, “M” is both a private pilot and a pilot with the Air Force. Unfortunately, his vision has not been good enough to be the primary pilot in fighter jets, so his job is that of the WSO ("Wizzo" they call it), or Weapons Systems Officer. That means he flies the backseat of the F-15E. He is the mission commander, but not the pilot. He also has full flight controls in the back seat, and takes over the jet in many tactical situations. The AF doesn't allow a pilot to wear contacts because of the danger of losing them or eye injury in case they have to punch out of the plane in an emergency. “M” has been very frustrated since the AF won't let him be a full-time pilot. He has failed numerous eye exams since his vision would have to be almost perfect.

Here's the cool part. He got a chance about 3 weeks ago to go back to Brooks AFB (the medical AFB for the AF) in Texas for a re-evaluation. His commander told the AF that “M” has the best situational awareness of anyone he has ever seen in a flight status and wanted the AF to re-evaluate his physical fitness for fighter pilot duty.

I told “M” how much the Vitalizer had helped my eyes over the past year. I sent him a box about a month or 5 weeks before his big test in Texas and told him how to take them religiously. He did take them, he did go to Brooks AFB in Texas, and for the first time in his life he PASSED the eye exam! When he gets back from deployment in the Middle East in early June, he'll pack up his things and move to “X” and go through a 1-year pilot's training to fly ANYTHING the Air Force flies! He's so excited about being in full control of the airplane all the time.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this Vitalizer success story with you as I see how it has had such a positive effect on my son and his dreams in life.

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