3 Tips of Health and Vitality

The beauty of alternative medicine is that it appreciates how connected the physical body is with our minds, emotions, and spirit. We are also connected to our surroundings and to each other. Part of your homework for the Wellness Makeover involves strengthening your connections to your family, friends, colleagues, as well as to nature. By doing this, you solidify you place in this network and help others--and yourself--feel loved and supported.

Tip #1: Make Time For Friends and Family

Not only is it important for us to bond together as families and communities, it also helps our physical and mental health. Studies have found that people with stronger social connections live longer, have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, less physical impairments, and fewer health risks than people who are more isolated. You can help yourself and help others by staying connected.

Today, I want you to start by calling or emailing someone just to say "hello" and asking how they're doing. If you've lost touch with someone you'd like to reconnect with, send that person an email, call him or her, or write a letter. Suggest going out for lunch or dinner.

Tip #2: Connect With Nature

Being in nature renews and rejuvenates physical and mental energy. You'll be amazed by how much more calm and grounded you can be if you allow Mother Nature to heal you.

If it's hard to get away for a walk, schedule a detour the next time you go to the store or to a restaurant. Choose a route that takes you through a park or down a treed street. Stop, inhale, appreciate your surroundings, and just let the energy replenish you. 

Tip #3: Get Together Regularly as a Group

Organize a regular activity around a shared passion or interest. Start a book club, a women's entrepreneur group, or just arrange for a regular monthly brunch. Here are some other ideas:

· Volunteer group - Each month, pick a different project to do as a group. Volunteer at a local food bank, arrange a group visit to an ill friend, clean up a community space, or fund raise for a good cause.

· A "foodie" group - Pick a new restaurant every month to try.

· Take time for tea - Invite a few friends over for a relaxing cup of tea and enjoy each others company.

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