Does H1N1 Flu Virus Haunte you?

As cooler weather sets in flu strains & viruses comes around to haunt us. Especially this year with the scare of H1N1 Flu going around. I don't want you to be an innocent victim. Even if you don't get anything else accomplished today but to read through these testimonies you will be better educated about preventive health.

Think about it if more folks would focus on prevention we probably wouldn't have so many people stressing over health care reform.

Nutriferion Testimonies

Viral and Bacterial Infections: A few days after returning from Chicago, my Aunt Gerry was diagnosed with pneumonia. She is 86 years old and living in a nursing home. The doctor insisted on a shot of antibiotic followed by oral antibiotics. I said no, let's try this first (I am her power of attorney). I had my bottle of NutriFeron™ from the Conference and I also added CorEnergy. In both cases two, twice a day. I told the staff the product takes 3 days to load. I showed them the clinical trial material. She did not get worse. And by the 5th day, she no longer had pneumonia.

There is resistance by the medical team to attribute the products to her recovery, saying some residents recover who take nothing, some don’t recover even with the antibiotics. But I know my Aunt Gerry. She has no other health problems and I witnessed her recovery! ~Bobbie

Building Immune System: We started giving NutriFeron™ to my granddaughter Lindsey when she was only 4 years old. We crushed it and mixed it with peanut butter and organic fruit jam. There is no taste. The reason we started giving it to Lindsey was she had started preschool and was getting sick all the time. Her sister Brooke was taking the NutriFeron™ (Brooke was 8 and can swallow pills) and was doing great.

I asked one of the scientists and they said Shaklee has to suggest not for children under 12 because it was not tested on children. It is very difficult to get companies to test children on either pills or supplements. One of the scientists at Shaklee told me that she gives it to her three year old with great results.

All my children and grandchildren take the NutriFeron™ with great results. The older ones are 19, 17 and 15. They never get sick. Hope this helps. We also have a lot of allergies in our area and it has really helped. My sons and their wives take it, too. ~Janet

Immune Builder for Allergies & Asthma:
I was just talking with a customer regarding the NutriFeron™ and she reminded me that her grandson was sick all the time. He has cold induced asthma where they would put him on steroids and meds. The first year on the NutriFeron™ he did not get sick once.

Since then only twice, and the last time was this summer when his mom wanted to see if he really needed to be taking the NutriFeron™ year round. She stopped giving him the NutriFeron™ and he got a cold that turned into a bad case of the asthma. They had to use the steroids and a steam system to help him breathe. He is too young to use an inhaler.

They have found the NutriFeron™ to keep him healthy and off the medications. What a blessing to this family and a sure sign that children will benefit from using this product. ~Patty

This past week I had to go to the Dr. with a rash on my back. I did not think much of it, but it started itching and hurting. It was the start of shingles. Right away the Dr. told me that he would prescribe some medicine for it. Come to find out it was steroids. I informed him that in no way was I going to take them. He said there was no other way to get rid of shingles and that I would be back in to see him in a couple of days if I did not take them. I went home and started reading my nutrition books on shingles and what to take.

A friend gave me a bottle of the new NutriFeron™ so I doubled the dose, and also doubled the dose of B Complex, Vitamin E, Immunity I, CarotoMax and FlavoMax, plus my Vita Lea and Soy. By Saturday the rash was gone and the itching and hurting was also gone. ~Betty

Skin Rash: A little background although most of you know that I have had a skin condition (Mycosis Fungoid is) for 16 years and it took 6 years for it to be diagnosed. I have had two rounds of radiation and the mustard/nitrogen cream (a topical chemotherapy) twice. The first round of radiation was successful(one spot). The second round of radiation was done on 6 large spots including a new one that just started developing but all six areas ended up 'moving' to a different spot close by. While taking radiation I had a new spot developing under my arm. Both the radiologist and my doctor mentioned full body radiation. I refused because I felt if it could not get to my skin it would go inside and I couldn't scratch inside. It was a terrifying itch - I have
actually bruised my skin because I was scratching so hard trying to get to the itch.

When first diagnosed the oncologist told me the cancer was not in my blood stream..."they only use your blood stream to get to your skin." While at the convention, I shared with one of the attendees about my skin and she said I needed to take 3 of the NutriFeron™ 3 times a day. So I began that on Friday, August 12th, and Wednesday of the following week I noticed that the nodules in my left upper arm were smooth. I could hardly believe it. I did not tell anyone immediately because I wanted to be sure they were gone.

Yesterday, Aug. 22, I visited my doctor and she was totally amazed as well. She said not only were they gone but there was a difference in the texture of my skin (I was beginning to have 'alligator' skin.) I still have one trouble spot which had been quite large but is smaller. She took a biopsy of that and we will know the results in a couple of weeks. Another interesting fact is that my blood pressure was lower yesterday than it has been in 4 years!!! ~Marcie

Hepatitis C: is truly a silent killer but we were not going to let it come in and wipe out my husband's life without a fight. I know what it is like to find out that the person you love could have a horrible fate in store for them.

Thankfully there was no cirrhosis of the liver and his SGOT and SGPT were not extremely high. Still the medical world gave us little hope but we refused to become hopeless. We looked into supplements. Not the ones you can buy at Wal-Mart or get off the TV. We were fighting a horrible virus. We wanted to go with a company that was established and had medical research behind their products and the only one I could find at that time was Shaklee.

My husband started taking Vita-Lea, E, C, Garlic and DTX. Liver DTX helps flush out toxins in the liver. It has such herbs as milk thistle seed extract, dandelion, and turmeric. We saw improvement each time we went to the doctor and had his liver tested. The doctor was pleased and just kept saying keep up the good work.

About 2-3 years ago Shaklee came out with their Immune Building Complex(now called Nutriferon). It helps boost your body's natural immune response process. He started taking 2 a day. Also it is great for allergies. My husband always had sinus infections and he hasn't had one for 2 years.

Well it has been 9 years since that first blood test and his blood tests keep getting better and better. The last time we saw his gastroenterologist he told him that he didn't need to be seen for two years. We saw his hematologist and his blood work was SGOT 52 | SGPT 60 | Cholesterol 148 | HDL 42 | Triglycerides 175 ~ Deb

Lymph Node: I’ve been on IBC (Nutriferon) for some time now. About two months ago, I had a breast MRI and the doctor found a lymph node he wanted to further check into, so he ordered an ultrasound. I told Nedra Sahr about this as I've been working with her for a while now. She told me to beef up the NutriFeron™ to four a day. That was about ten days before the ultrasound.

I went for the ultrasound on the 19th of August and the technician was going over and over the area. She said there was a lymph node indicated by the doctor on the MRI, but she couldn't find anything. She continued to look for about a total of 30 minutes...but NO LYMPH NODE was apparent. She confirmed her finding, or lack thereof, with the radiologist, who also saw nothing. They advised me to have a follow-up MRI in six months to be sure, but agreed there was nothing there at this time. Thanks to God, Nedra and NutriFeron™ in that order! I'd be lost without them. ~Pam

Sore Throat, Achy, Nose plugged: I just have to write and tell you all this experience I am having with the NutriFeron™ already! I came down with a terrible sore throat, achy all over, ears hurting, head foggy thing on Tuesday morning. I started taking the Get Well Tea right away, but my throat got so sore (I can't remember when it has ever been that sore!) This thing came on quick and hard. So, last night I was sucking on cough drops, nose all plugged up and woke up with my throat a little better, but nose all stuffed up along with my head and achy feeling.

Well, I took a nap with Ella around 10:30 am and during our nap the doorbell rang and I heard the UPS man pull up and was groggily excited that my NutriFeron™ was at the door, but I did not jump right out of bed! (I felt horrible) So, we got up right at noon and I opened the door and grabbed my box.

I took the NutriFeron™ and made some soup a little bit later. At exactly 1:09 pm, about an hour after I had taken the NutriFeron™ I am eating my soup and all of sudden I could feel that my nose was running and I decided to blow it and everything came out and I could breathe through my nose!!! The mucous in my nose was yellow all morning. (This wasn't just a sniffle.)

It is now 2:09 (how funny) and I can still breathe fine through my nose and the fogginess in my head is going away!!! So, this cannot be a coincidence that this is happening and I am just so excited, I had hoped for it to help me within a day or two, but an hour.....WOW!!! In case you were wondering, I only took one (Nutriferon)...saving the other one for later...

I typed this e-mail on 8/18/2005 and I am completely over what I had for the last 4 or 5 days. It seems like almost every time I took that NutriFeron™ my nose would just empty out completely. I have never had my nose empty like that in my life when I have been sick. I am very excited to take this product on a regular basis to see what happens through the coming winter. Even though that lasted a week I was never achy,stuffy head like I was before I started the NutriFeron™ and I was able to function normally. When that first came on I was wiped out and I have a 10 month old so I can't be wiped out! ~Kerri

Severe Allergies and Chronic Infections: I had severe allergies and chronic infections for 11 years before Shaklee. As I began taking the Shaklee supplements I started to have fewer allergy symptoms and infections. As time went on I had no specific allergic reactions to anything but I would have to blow my nose periodically. When I started on the Immune Building Complex (NutriFeron) I no longer had to blow my nose at all. That was a measurable and specific improvement. I no longer show having had allergies at all. And I have lots of energy. Anybody with severe allergies can tell you lacking energy is a big issue. Shaklee truly did give me my life back. ~Tobie

Clostridium Difficel or C-Diff: (bacterium causing illness: a rod-shaped, usually motile, gram-positive bacterium that can cause serious illnesses including botulism, tetanus, and gas gangrene.) I am 61 years old and know that because of Shaklee products my body is
relatively healthy. That is because I do not need any daily pharmaceutical drugs to function properly. That means I have no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, no osteoarthritis; no osteoporosis

In March of 2005 I made a trip home to see my father in the nursing home. I came home a very sick person, but because I have a history of IBS (intestinal bowel syndrome) I thought that was my problem. After 10 days of extreme abdominal pain and a foul smelling discharge I finally went to the doctor. During this time I drank lots of Shaklee Performance™ to keep my electrolytes balanced and body hydrated. My doctor tested my stool and I was diagnosed with C-Diff.

I was asked if I had been on antibiotics and the answer was no. So, after reading on the Internet about C-Diff, I concluded I must have contracted it at the nursing home. Anyway I took Vancocin 125 mg (very strong) around the clock for 10 days. At the end the bacteria was still present; however, not as strong (this was verified by tests). At this time I began a regime of 6 Optiflora a day to repopulate my gut with friendly flora. I thought perhaps his would nail the C-Diff. I was also concerned about my IBS. This did not seem to help so I agreed to start back on the Vancocin 125 mg every other day for a month. Toward the end of the month I began taking the Nutriferon and after a week I could tell a significant difference in my body. I know the C-Diff is still hanging around because I can hear it, yes I said I can
hear it. I suppose the interferon kicks in and shuts it up. I sincerely believe that had I not been relatively healthy, I would not be here today. ~ Karleen

Colds, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Walking Pneumonia: I grew up as a Shaklee kid since I was about 11 years old. I was much healthier after I started the Shaklee supplements. However, as an adult, I still fought two major battles every year. Usually in February and October, I
would get a very bad cold, which turned into some form of bronchitis, sinusitis, or walking pneumonia. Then I would have to get antibiotics to get better. After the IBC (NutriFeron™) was launched, I have only needed antibiotics ONE time (and how many years has that been now?) For the aforementioned challenges, I would not be without this product! ~Cheryl

Terrible Allergies and Asthma: My son started taking NutriFeron™ around the middle of the winter in 2005. He usually had terrible allergies in the spring which would trigger his asthma. This had happened for the last 7 or so years. I had him on so much Shaklee I didn't think to put him on the NutriFeron™ until I had read an email about it really helping kids with asthma. Well, spring came and he did not have to use any of his preventive medicine for the allergy season.

When I went to the doctor for a physical for another child, my doctor asked me how Christopher was doing with his asthma. I said he was doing great. The doctor replied, "That preventive medicine really helps during this season." I said, "He's not on any of the preventive medicine you have given him but I do have him on an immune system builder through Shaklee." He looked surprised. We continue to see great results with his asthma ever since he has been on the NutriFeron™. What a great product!! ~Tammy

Pneumonia: Don's experience with NutriFeron™-- Don was admitted to the hospital at Fort Devens 3 times with pneumonia in 1951. After that he took penicillin at least five times a year for respiratory problems until 1971. You can guess what happened in 1971- Kay found us and he started on Shaklee. Don was able to keep the problem under control when he felt his throat getting scratchy with lots of Vita C plus other supplements including Shaklee Defend and Resist (at least a bottle each time). Since NutriFeron™ has been available Don has not had a hint of a problem-first time over 50 years. ~Gloria

Hepatitis C: I definitely feel stronger with NutriFeron™. I am currently taking it due to some Hepatitis C antibodies that have been showing up from a childhood blood transfusion since I was 9 years old. Now for my success story... I started taking the Shaklee Immune Building Complex, which was an identical formulation of NutriFeron™, I re-tested on Aug. 1st, and met with my hematologist on August 11th (2 weeks ago). My hematologist said I no longer need to keep testing, and he would send a letter to my gastroenterologist who was contacted by CDC to prove it that I no longer need to continue testing for the virus. Also, I have not experienced any allergy symptoms in Aug. like I usually do. ~Michelle

Allergies: I have three members using NutriFeron™ to control their allergies. They say they can't live without it. One had tried using various over-the-counter and also prescription drugs for her allergies and couldn't tolerate using any of them because of a heart condition and the side effects she got from them. I told her to try using NutriFeron™, it might help, and it did! She is so pleased she has found something she can use! ~Joyce

Builds Immune System: I was fortunate enough to be able to test NutriFeron™ for two months before Gene went into the hospital. I also got some additional so I could stay well. While visiting him every day for two months in the ICU, I saw sick nurses and Drs working in there, yet through all the germs I came in contact with; bad weather (rain, snow, etc); the stress of driving 100 miles daily; keeping up with our Shaklee business; to this date I have yet to have even a sniffle. This is one powerful product. ~Margie

I rest my case...there is a reason Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition company in the world & been in business over 50 years... THEY MANUFACTURE GOOD STUFF! Nutriferion is patented world wide, making it the only formula of it's kind. 46 years of research and developement went into this one product (Nutriferon) alone!

Bottomline your health and your future is in your hands. I have delivered the information to you what you decide to do with it is up to you.
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