Shakleeize Your Home Creates HUGE Part-Time Business

"Switching Brands" The Concept of building a HUGE part-time Income (*) Change the brand of what you're already buying on a regular basis, share this concept with others and build a huge income/retirement future!

Download the Shakleeize your Home with Shaklee Products.(below)
It's Interesting to check off things yourself, and see if you're missing out on money in your own pocket by using competitive brands that Shaklee makes!

Think about it when was the last time your local grocery store sent you a rebate check?

Shakleeize your home with Shaklee Products.

So I got a question for ya.. How many things did you check off? If your like me there were quite a few on that list that your already purchasing on a regular basis.

The next step is to become a Shaklee member so you can save 15% right out off the bat with these products. Here is what you do. Go to and put the products your would normally purchase in the store in your cart. When you go to check out look for a button and click it that says "Save 15% become a member" then follow the prompts.

Call me if you have questions,

Cindy McAsey
Barefoot in the Garden

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