Lecithin for Heart and Brain Health

Lecithin was a superstar in the early days of the health food movement. In the 1970's, Adele Davis endorsed it in Let's Get Well, claiming it lowered cholesterol, reduced angina, and protected against heart attacks and strokes.

Today this natural compound is making a comeback. Researchers recently discovered that phosphatidylcholine (PC), the most abundant component of lecithin, activates a protein in the liver called PPAR-alpha that regulares fat and glucose metabolism. PPAR-alpha is the target of several diabetes and sholesterol drugs, so the discovery that this safe, inexpensive, natural compound does the same thing is big news.

Lecithin also has positive effects on the brain. PC is a precursor to acetylcholine, which is involved in memory and learning, and lecithin supplies the body with the building blocks of this important neurotansmitter. Dietary sources of lecithin include eggs, soy, and dairy.
~ Dr Julian Whitaker

Shaklee has always carried Lecithin in it's line of premium products. In fact Lecithin has been a staple supplement at our house since we were introduced to Shaklee over a decade ago. I've shared with many how lecithin will help reduce cellulite by making the fat in your body more fluid. This also makes it a good supplement to support healthy veins.

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