Cholesterol Lowers 50+ points Testimony

Here's a great testimonial from Texas. Kudos to Barbara for sharing the story, and Rich for the impressive drop in cholesterol.

I wanted y'all to know about my husbands cholesterol testimony!
A few years ago Rich had his cholesterol tested and it was around 220.  His father always ran a little high, so we figured this was genetic since we are healthy Shaklee people (eating low fat, exercising, taking supplements).  His ratio between the HDL and the LDL was excellent however, so it wasn't recommended that he use any medication.  He wouldn't have anyway at this point.  He started using what was then called Cholesterol Regulation Complex; although not consistently.  A year later he was tested again and his cholesterol had dropped to about 208.  Again his ratio was excellent so he was still rated "super preferred" on his life insurance.   So this time, he got totally faithful on the Cholesterol Regulation Complex and a few times a week drinking some Shaklee Fiber Plan.  He also increased his exercise, but not by much, as he was already a runner.  Then, when the Cholesterol REDUCTION Complex came out last month, Rich began taking that faithfully (this replaced the Cholesterol Regulation Complex). 
Today they had a health screening at his work place.  Rich excitedly texted me to tell me his cholesterol is now 160!  That's amazing!  And it was all done naturally!  Yea Shaklee!
Thanks for letting me share this!! ..Barbara

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