What Is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a disorder that affects the small intestine. Eatng food that containsa protein called GLUTEN triggers the condition. Gluten is commonly found in food containing wheat, barley, rye and oats.

Rick Hill's Testimony

Rick never had good health as a child. He had daily headaches and missed one school day out of four. At age 23 he developed stage 3 cancer and nearly died. Fortunately, he found Shaklee Products and a cancer treatment center in Mexico. Conquering cancer, he still had headaches, frequent diarrhea, gas and bloating. No matter how organic his diet was, or how much he exercised, he still felt lousy most of the time. His brother, sister and father all died young. At age 54, Rick’s feet and legs were beginning to swell and he figured it was the “Hill” curse. In 2004 he visited a specialist in Rhode Island who told him he had Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) and to stop eating anything with flour or grains. After six weeks on this diet he felt a little better. He sponsored as a Shaklee Member in 2009 and started on Shaklee Vivix and Vitalizer. In less than two weeks his whole digestive system reorganized (Rick’s words). He says, “I have regular digestion and elimination for the first time in my entire life.”
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