The REAL Secret to a long happy healthy life

Don't make a resolution to change your weight.
Make a resolution to change your life!
It's the habits we form and the lifestyle we live that will have the largest impact on our future health.

News from the Shaklee Grapevine:

Cinch has a great new fan/author/educator, Brad Lamm, who loves Cinch and has featured Cinch in his new book Just 10lbs - Easy Steps to Weighing What You Want (Finally!), which provides the motivation to take control of your weight by taking the first step, the first 10 pounds. Brad is a regular contributor to The Dr. Oz Show and will be sharing his new book and Cinch on The Dr. Oz Show in January.

Also Shaklee has rolled out a deal we can't hardly refuse... It's called the Cinch Sampler Pack provides an amazing assortment of products specially designed to keep muscle while you burn fat.

The Cinch Sampler Pack Includes:

* 1 canister of Cinch Vanilla Shake Mix
* 1 box of Cinch Peanut Butter Crunch Snack Bars
* 1 box of Cinch Pomegranate Energy Tea Mix

Also includes a pedometer, a three-month membership to and a Cinch Program Guide at no additional cost!

When you register as a New Member, Distributor (with a minimum $70 order) or Gold Ambassador and receive a Cinch Sampler Pack FREE! This is really a good deal.

Already a member? When you add the Cinch Sampler to your autoship you save $30.

Cinch Sampler Pack Buy Online

Discover what all the fuss is about with Cinch.

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